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Well… today is a big day… as of today, I am no longer in the El Paso’s communications engineering department. I am now in the communcations operations supports great in downtown Houston. Yep… we will see how this will span out.

Ok enough about work… anyway… I had a wonderful time last night. Hsiu Hsiu and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston last night with Scott, Wendy, and John. It was a lot of fun. We saw some interesting art works. I think we will have to go back some other time.

Since today is cutday … I got a new job title…

Ok … I was wrong yesterday… it is today… I heard news that the hacking has already begun in Greenway Campus… I guess it is coming back to us this afternoon. We will see … we will see…

Well… I been gone for a while…. Anyway… rumor has it today is the big layoff day in our company… Everything seems quiet so far.

Ah… what a wonderful time in New Orleans… I will try to post up the pictures soon. Anyway… I am back in Auburn now. I will be heading back to Houston tomorrow.


So I took my GRE today….

I know I know… I need to fix my archive feature in my blog… I will … maybe sometime next week.

Another busy day…. So what did you do today?

Here is an interesting article about Auburn University. But Auburn? humm…. hey I was there in 1999!!!

another busy day!!!… gosh… the day seems to fly by faster and faster!

2 more days until the big one…

on the brighter note…. I confirmed our reservation for New Orleans this weekend. It should be pretty fun. I am looking forward to getting away from everything.

3 more days… RED ALERT!!!

On the good news… This friday I will be seeing my sweet sweet sweet girlfriend Hsiu Hsiu and my mom and dad in Auburn. Yeah!!!

Well, I got all my stuff done today. It has been a busy day. My little sister is back in Houston now. Oh and I sold my other Sharper Image certificate as well. Yep, got some money now for spring break. So I cooked some Chinese Texas fajitas today, yep I cooked. My sis made […]

It’s the weekend… today I got so many things to do… I got to start now or else I will not be able to finish. Anyway.. I will write more tonight to tell you guys what’s going on. OK…. wish me luck!

It was another Friday of wireless sniffing. I got a chance to spend the afternoon with a Ernest Young security audit guy. He showed us some new stuff and we show him some new tricks as well. It was pretty fun. One thing though, he was not as amazing as I imagined… so it kind […]

It’s Friday… and 5 days left…

so…. hungery…. Time for me to go home!!!