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Happy New Year, everyone!! It’s 2003 get ready for another wonderful year!!!

Today is the last day of the year!!! It is pretty quite at work. I hope we will have a half day today .. but I don’t know. The company usually have a half day right before a major holiday such as Thanksgiving, Xmas… so I am hoping they will do the same for new […]

Well, it is the first day back to the real world. Everything is good except for couple of letters that I got from my home owners insurance. There seems to be some problems with the payments and all. I will have to get it worked out.

I cooked breakfast in bed for Hsiu Hsiu today… she was happy!

Well, Guys and Gals… my big adventure back to Taiwan is not complete. I am back home after another long long trip through the air. It was another 24 hours travel day. There were couple of thing differen on the return trip. First, on our return trip we went over the pacific and over alaska, […]

Ok … here it goes again… I am about to go through another fulll day of traveling. Humm… I should be back in my town home around 10pm Saturday CST. Wish me luck!

In 5 more hours I will be heading back to the US. It has been a very fun trip. I will have to work hard on sorting out all the pictures when I get back.

Ok Ok.. I know I have not been posting any more pictures lately … but I have been taking alot of pictures… Honest!!! So what happened today?? It is a wet and raining day, but we went to Gelfen. It is a place located near the northern coast of Taiwan. It is a place on […]

two more days until the return to the real world. I have been slacking on posting pictures… but I have been taking a lot. So where did I go yesterday? Well, yesterday Hsiu Hsiu and I travelled all around the Taipei area with public transportation. I started the day by riding a train from Taipei […]

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Today is Christmas Eve. Wow… I wonder what fun activities will happen tonight. The bad news is tomorrow is not a holiday in Taiwan … how stupid. It use to be then they decided nope … let’s not.

another fun filled day … but I am too tired now… so once again… I will try to post todays pictures tomrrow. Good night! and have a wonderful day!!

Yesterday was the first day that I did not see Hsiu Hsiu for the entire day. Well, I am ok… I barely made it through. But the fact is, she really needed to spend some personal time with her family. I felt kind of guilty hogging her time all for myself. I think her parents […]

It’s kind of funny. Back in the US, I have a very hard time waking up every morning around 7. But here I wake up naturally every morning around 6:30 to 7:00 am. I guess it is because I am living a very carefree life right now. I really have nothing to worry about except […]

Another fun filled day…. too tired to type about it now… I will write more about it tomorrow morning. Good night everyone!

I just check the 7 day forecast for Taipei. It looks like the rest of the week will cloudy and raining. So much for beautiful pictures. But I will try my best. I just remember I had a really strange earth quake dream last night? And also a dream about some movie star…. Weird huh?


So week one is now over. I only have couple of more days in Taiwan before I have to return to the US. The week just flew by a little too fast. There are still so many things I want to do and have not done. Well, this coming Friday will be my last full […]

Day 6 Taiwan 2002

Woh! It has been a long and eventful day. I had two huge family dinner and a great adventure in the Taipei’s Mass Transit System. I have taken soo many pictures I am not how to present them in a orderly fashion and still fit the website style. I might just post a couple and […]

Ok… time to get ready for another big day… it is raining and wet outside. it should be interesting.

Day 4-5 Taiwan 2002

Ok… I looked over the pictures I took from the last todays and here they are….

Day 4 small hot pot lunch… umm… good!

Hsiu’s Dog “Cool Cool”

Day 5 My old childhood home in Taipei Hsiu Hsiu’s window view