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Well, so it is day after Thanksgiving, we decided to head to Lake Martin and do some fishing. It was cold but we had alot of fun. Johnson got to get a chance to see some of the Alabama’s beautiful landscape and weather. What is funny is one hour in to our trip to […]

Today is day after Thanksgiving. My stomach is full of turkey and other “big dinner” food and I am ready for some left over turkey frame soup!!! Yeah!!!! So is everyone going shopping? Humm… That should be fun right? Big after thanksgiving shopping madness sale.

First of all, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone gets to eat lots and lots of turkey and Thanksgiving food. Ah!!! it is so good to be back home!!! Auburn is just so relaxing, but getting here, yesterday, was an adventure.

Our Adventure Home

Yesterday, our original […]

Junk Rating Status… What the hell does that mean???

After Auburn vs Alabama Game 2002

Toomers Corner After Auburn vs Alabama Game 2002

I did not take these …but… it sure makes me miss home!!! War Eagle!!!

Good Monday morning!!! This will be a short short week… yep… I am heading back to Auburn on Wednesday!!! So I guess you guys are wondering how was the weekend. Well, I should have posted during the weekend but I was too busy. Yes, it was a very busy weekend. So lets start.

Friday Night: […]

Ouch…. !!! Yep, I got hit by Dwayne on the racquetball court today. Actually, I am all better now, but it sure stings when it first hit you.

“To my people who don’t wanna go to work …Thank God it’s Friday” — Wyclef Jean Low Income Well, I guess that is what song is in my mind today…. It’s Friday!!

Yeah!!!! It is Friday…. Well… almost…. so what did I learn today? So…what DID I learn today?

Oh and I almost forgot… I won 2 game against my friend Rigged today… yep an easy win… 🙂 … just kidding around Rigged.

Well… it is time to go home. I have updated the cubelifesucks website a bit. so now it is actually a semi interactive site. Please let me know if anyone wants posting rights to cubelifesucks. Just email me and I will see what I can do… Thanks

WoH! Check this out a hardware DivX player. I wonder how much is it?

Boy… I am just burned out. I have not been so tired in a while. I just got back from the gym with my bud Mike. I have to say… I am out of shape. Need to get back in shape, need to shape up for my big trip coming up. WOO HOO!!!

Well, I got my mail server back up last night. I also made some graphical changes to it so now the webmail looks more natural. However… I still have one problem. It is not receiveing emails properly. Well… I guess I have to fix that tonight. Well… it is hump day… and 2 more days […]

I think there should be a tighter awareness and maybe security, but how far should we go? After reading this, it make me feel like we are getting closer and closer to 1984.

For the sake of you, your friend, and everyone you love…. Run ad aware on your computer. Don’t let the evil spyware mess your computer up.

This is an awesome program. It is a startup Manager for win2k. Now finally you can go through everything and uncheck all the unwanted startups.

The phrase of the day… “just good enough”

Another day is almost over. It is a pretty short day. I did not go anywhere to eat, I lost in a game of raquetball. Beside that… I worked and worked. It would be good to be back home and rest a bit.

Well… my website is back up and operational. However, it is only about 70% of what it was. I still have to get the mail server, the commenting system, and the discussion forum backup and running. The amazing thing is that my server is already being attacked by people and I just open it up […]