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Good news is that I will be heading home tomorrow and I will see my wonderful girlfriend Hsiu Hsiu!!!

I got abducted by aliens last night. They took me near a black hole and I had to prevent the evil aliens from destroying the universe. So you say� �How can you prove that really happened?� Well� You’re still here, aren�t you?

Water Water every where… so that’s what they say on the radio…..

Just got back from lunch and check out of my old apartment. Well, one thing bad about my new place is that it is 3 blocks from the trolly. Man! 3 blocks!!! That’s a long way in the rain.

Starcraft, Starcraft, and more Starcraft. Guess what the word of the weekend was? Yep, Starcraft. Well, my friend Rick left for Birmingham weeee early this morning. We had a good weekend. It was alot of fun. It was a wet Saturday, we hung out mainly at my place. Rick was trying to get over his […]

Well, It is almost that time…. the weekend is coming. Well, this afternoon went pretty quick. I had a meeting with a vendor and man…. I was tired. I felt like I was back in one of my old college lectures. With the light turned down, it was really hard to keep my eyes open. […]

It’s friday, It’s friday. Well, I feel really stupid. I took out my rear-view mirror last night from backing out of my garage. The stupid garage is too small. Well, I guess I really can’t blame anyone beside myself for being so careless. Anyone knows a good GM dealer so I can get that fixed […]

During my cleaning last night, I have discovered a very cool mop. When putting it together, it felt like a weapon for a professional. Everything snaps neatly together. All I could say at the time was …”COOL”. And how does it clean? humm… pretty well actually. I think I might put a review for it […]

Last night, around 11:15 pm I have finally finished cleaning and moving my old apartment. “I’ve finished moving and I can’t move no more….” I don’t think my apartment has ever been so clean since… since… since… I moved in about 10 months ago. Well… so now the problem is I have all those boxes […]

It’s a nasty day outside, but the cool thing is today is Wednesday. What does this mean? Well, it means that I will have to finish cleaning up my old place by tonight. Why? you ask. Well, my good friend Rick is coming to town tomorrow night. So I guess that means my weekend starts […]

I feel like it is very silly for someone to end a friendship just because I chose my girlfriend over that person. That is just seems very, very silly. The way I see it, I am very serious about my relationship with my girlfriend. If she doesn�t feel comfortable about something, I will respect her […]

Thanks for everyone that came out to the bowling party last night. It was fun!!! And the left hand bowling, now that was wild. So here are some pictures for everyone to enjoy. There is the picture of everyone there, picture of Doc bowling, and Scott guarding the appetizer tray. Enjoy!


Just got back from the United Way Rally… Well, sure thing there were “Texan’s Cheerleaders” there. But I was disappointed. I thought all the cheerleaders where going to be there and mingle with everyone, but instead there were only TWO cheerleaders!!! Uh… it was kinda gay… Boy I do miss Birmingham’s United Way Rally … […]

I HATE SPAM!!!! I just check my mail and guess what… I got a bout 3 spam mails…. I guess this means more are coming. I hate this crap, once your email address is out there will be tons of ads coming your way. My question is HOW DO WE FIGHT IT????

What a great game. Auburn vs. Florida 23 – 30. I know I know Auburn lost, but you had to see the game. Auburn was very close to have a come back. Well, lost in overtime… it kind of hurt. But … it is still great to be an AUBURN TIGER!!! WAR EAGLE!

Yep, I broke down. I rented a pickup truck yesterday. So last night after 2 hours of moving, we finally move all my big stuff over to my new place. Boy, that was some work out. So I believe this weekend, the goal is to clean the place up. I will see if I can […]

Well, everything is back up and running. So I guess tonight will be the first night I spend a night in my new home. Yep, I got to get my money’s worth and spend more time in my new home. Boy! it is alot bigger then my current apartment. I can’t wait to get all […]

Just got a call from Time Warner. It seems that I will lose my website for a couple of hours.

Microsoft and opensource in the same sentense? Check out what ZDNet have to say.