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AH!!! Another weekend is over…. I have 2 more weeks until I close on my new house. Woo hoo!!! It was a good weekend again, I had a wonderful time with my girlfriend Hsiu Hsiu. Auburn Beat Syracuse in triple over time with 37-34 score. War Eagle!!!

An email from my friend Rick. I thought it was pretty funny. THE COLLEGE THEME PAPER: HE VS. SHE

Remember the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”? Well, here’s a prime example offered by an English professor at Arizona State University.

“Today we will experiment with a new form called […]

It’s Friday … it’s Friday … oh it’s Friday!!! Any plans this weekend, guys? Well, my girlfriend is coming to town and the weather is beautiful… I am sure I will be outside doing something.

It’s Friday … it’s Friday … oh it’s Friday!!! Any plans this weekend, guys? Well, my girlfriend is coming to town and the weather is beautiful… I am sure I will be outside doing something.

I guess I am not the only one that ran in to problems with INS.

Another day of work, but hey today my buddy Greg and I have made a break through. Woo woo… this will be soo cool… we will be able to provide backup connections to all of our field locations. Woo hoo!! and now for Min’s Health report. So I been taking the antibiotic for a day […]

So I finally went to the Doctor today. It is kind of weird going to the doctor in the tunnels, especially when the clinic that I am going to use to be a women�s clinic only. Yep! I mean, I think they just recently added the �men� to their signs so it now says Men […]

So did El Paso rigged the power crisis in Cali? Or is it all a “in hind sight you guys could have done this” kind of deal?

So how was the weekend? Well, it was great!!! I except for the not feeling good part…. Let see… I got a chance to watch alot of football with my friend Johnson. We played a lot of PS2. Yep, just got my new game in… MS Gundam Fed vs. Zeon. It is cool!!! I miss […]

My ear… My ear…. Part 2… I know I have complained about my ear before, but I don’t know if this is related or not. But for some reason, I been feeling kind of dizzy lately. Well, I have an appointment with a Dr. Chen. no no…not my Dad. So maybe they can help me […]

How ’bout them Tigers. 42-14 against Mississippi State. Good job Auburn!!! As for Starcraft 2? Nope it is not Starcraft 2 but it is a console game base on the Starcraft Storyline. It seems like a first person shooter, the initial graphics looks pretty cool.

It seems that my friend Rick might be correct. The countdown for Starcraft 2 begins now!!!!

Blog is not working again … ahhh!!!

I hate mosquitos. I was so tired last night so I decided to go to bed earlier… but there was an evil mosquito in my room. All night it ran sneak air raids on my body and all I could do is hide under my covers. Well, hiding under covers are all good until it […]

NEW Gundam Series!!!! Yep it is coming to Japan this year.. it will probably get to the US around 2010 or something. But here is a teaser clip.

I know… everytime I go back to Auburn lately, my blog stops. But what can I say… I was with my girlfriend. So what happened this weekend? Well, I took an extra day off …of course. I finally after long and painful process got my citizenship thing straighten out with INS. We had a surprise […]

Happy Friday… and here is something from my friend Rigged….

It is my life in the cube.

Letterman’s Top 10 Drawbacks to working in a cubicle …

10. Being told to “Think outside the box” when you’re in a @#$%?* box all day long.

9. Not being able to check e-mail attachments without turning around […]

Are 99.9% of the websites outdated? Is mine outdated? Probably

Today is Sept. 11th. I know what I am about to say is probably what everyone is saying Today. “I can’t believe it has already been 1 year.” Everyone probably remember the exact moment when the unbelievable happened. But I still find it hard to believe, that is has been one year. So what have […]

Boy…. it’s Monday again and it’s good to be back to another week, but I am already for the weekend! Yep …. I will be heading back to Auburn this weekend. Hopefully, I will also get the opportunity to take care of my INS problem. So, what happened this weekend? Hum… ok lets give you […]