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It’s great to be back home for a long weekend. I am having a lot of fun just chilling out with friends and family.

The following is a email I just got about the issues with the term “Engineers” in Texas.

“I want to give you a heads up on some legal actions going on in Texas with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. You should already know that the Texas Board controls the registration process in Texas, but […]

War Eagle! It’s pretty cool, on the way to work today I actually ran in to someone else graduated from Auburn University. The funny thing about it is that today is the first day I wore my Auburn polo shirt and already I got couple of comments. Awesome man!

I am ready for the long weekend … are you?

Raquetball rocks! It has eliminated all my stress… ok ok… Rigged won one game!!!

I finally got a response around 7:50 and the answer is “Oops, it seems like we made a mistake, but we can’t help you to fix it either. You will have to get your ass back to the south boy… back to Atlanta.” Ok, maybe that was not exactly what they said, but the point […]

While I was Waiting in line at the INS …. I wrote the following….

Is it just me or is it always the coldest right before the sun rise. 7 more minutes and it will be 6:00 am!

INS must have hired Disney to create their waiting line. I finally turned the corner and realized […]

With my surprise there started to have some movement in the line and it is only 5:30. I am now very close to the corner. Woo Hoo!

I am here sitting in the line around the INS building. Yep around the building, the line is that long that it wraps around the building. The worst of all, it is only 5 am right now. Goodness, I am so tired.

Even after I have signed the contract paper… I am still stressed. What if I have made a mistake? The more I think about it, the more I think I should have adding some stuff in the negotiation. I just hate being toyed around. It is not fun… actually I should say it sucks!!!

So now I am officially in major debt!!! But looking on the bright side… I am going to be a home owner once again in a couple of months. I guess my lifestyle as a free spending bachlor will end in a few month.

Man! trying to buy a house is so stressful, but it seems it will soon be over. I start to wonder what does all this mean? Does this mean I will be in Houston for the rest of my life? Scary huh?

So I made an offer to a town home. There is already another offer there we will see how my offer will stand.

So I went to check out some more houses this afternoon. It is totally unbelievable, I just don’t understand how can someone expect to sell their house for 170 thousand dollars and not clean it up at all. I mean, it was like roaches and dirty laundry all over the place. What a nasty dump!!!

Doh! Today Rigged beat me in Racquetball. But the good news today is the presentation went really well. Only 2 people attended. I am still feeling a bit funny in my ear. I think I might head out around 5:00.

So… I am sitting here around 10:19 and no one is here. Am I in the wrong room? I don’t think so. I am ready…. let’s go, let’s go!!

Big day today, I am suppose to give a big presentation to some VPs in the company about my current project. To to show off and get noticed, yeah!

Ever wake up in the morning and one of your ear is clogged up? It is really messing me up right now. Hopefully it will clear up as time goes by.

4 More days until I get to see her!!! Woo hoo!!!

Rigged….. He says that I never talk about him on my BLOG… so let’s talk about Rigged!!