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Woo Hoo… counting down time until the end of June 2002… Once again … it is good to be back home. My friends, Eric and Hsuan, dropped by this evening. It was fun to catch up and watch a HK movie. The movie we watched was called “Marry a rich Man“. It was a romantic […]

23 MORE DAYS!!!!

So people were asking … what’s the deal with the rabbit? Well, it’s just a rabbit that lives in our back yard…. I just thought it is pretty cool.

Ah… it is really good to be home. It feels so weird waking up to birds chirping outside. I guess that is why Auburn is still considered a “country town” right?

” … If you mess this up, I promise you, you will be flying cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong!!!” — Top Gun

Well… I am back in good old Auburn, Alabama. Gee, Auburn just looks more and more beautiful everytime I come back. As for how I feel??? Well… […]

I am up early this Saturday morning getting ready to head home to Auburn. I slept about 12 hours last night, but I am still feeling a bit woozy… so I don’t know how the plane ride will turn out. We will see…

dizzy dizzy dizzy….. the world is spinning!!!

What’s up with this crap…. it’s Friday and I will be going back to Auburn soon… but I am not feeling well again…. could it be my lunch? I am going to see how it goes… if I don’t feel any better in 30 mins. I am out of here.

I hate this … just […]

Well… the comment thing is still not working yet…. I will try to get it up next week or something. anyway… I am sooo tired today… maybe this coffee will get me going.

You haven’t seen Star Wars until you seen it in ASCII

one more day until I head back to good old Auburn, Alabama!!! Woo Hoo!!! Well, I been trying to get my blog comments to work but I have no luck so far. Hopefully, it will work soon!

On the way to lunch today, we pass by the Enron Building and saw some girls getting their pictures taken in front of the Enron logo. It took us a minute until we realized who they were. What gave it away was that, one of the girls had a copy of Playboy in her hand. […]

Let the head rolling begin!!!! …..

Today… the operator that sit across from me got laid off. I guess this is the beginning of the layoffs.

So this afternoon I finally went to the doctor. I spend about 15 min waiting in the waiting room.. another 5 mins in the checkup room and then I saw the Doc for 5 mins. She said I am probably coming down with something… but I am still ok right now. She gave me some […]

“Am I sick … or am I not sick… that is the question” You ever have this problem that when you are about the go to the doctor, all the sudden you feel better. I mean you may not really feel better, but just the thought of going to see a doctor for some minor […]

Ok… going to the doctors has now officially on my things that suck list. Well, I was suppose to have an appointment this morning, just few minutes ago I got a call from the clinic telling me that they will have to reschedule. Well, that’s all nice and dandy except I was planning to take […]

The Health Service in El Paso Building was no help. I went over there and told them that my ear feels funny. They look in my ear… and said… “humm.. there are a lot of wax.. but I can’t tell what’s going on. Please go to the doctor!” So they call the doctor and got […]

Warcraft 3 is awesome!!! We played some WC3 last night at Scotts place… it was pretty cool. There was one problem though. For some reason, WC3 did not work with scott’s voodoo 3 card. All in all it is a very cool game, everyone should check it out.

So… I just finish watching 2 1/2 seasons of Spiderman: The animated series. It was alot of fun. The only thing that bothered me was that the series ended with it hanging. Peter Parker never found Mary Jane. Besides that … it was pretty awesome.

Spiderman is way cool… Well, since I have not been feeling too great today… I been resting alot. I slept and rested…. and I been watching a spiderman marathon. It’s pretty good. I just hope my ear gets better. It probably will…. we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.