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Ah… another Fun Friday night. It is kind of funny, you would think that when someone moves to a bigger city they would party hard and longer and be alot wilder. Well, not me!!! It’s kind of funny, ever since I moved to Houston I have been really really good! I still am having fun, […]

So… I am back from lunch with Scott and Dwayne. We had a really heated discussion about implementing a ComNet Forum for our group at the beginning of lunch. Well, after a while, I started to agree with what they are saying. No matter what we do to provide a place and function to enter […]

After reading the Talk back board. I have decided to change and the name for this section from Blogger to BLOG. I think I have changed every thing in my website but if not Please let me know. Thanks!!! A new poll will be coming up soon!!

Boy… I am going to have a late dinner tonight. Well, I just got home from D&B;. It was alot of fun as usual. I went with Scott, Wendy, and John right after work. We had about 60-80 dollars worth of coupons from March of Dimes that we must use up by tomorrow. But of […]

Here is a pretty cool site. For all of you that are interested in setting up your own niffty website with all kinds of stuff. Here is a locations where you can get all sorts of PHP and ASP scripts. No matter if you are running Apache or IIS, you will find something that fits […]

Ah… Lunch was good… Scott, Dwayne, and I went to Irma’s. It is a Mexican restaurant next to the �Astros Field�. It is like a hole in the wall place, but it�s still pretty packed. I like their lemonade. It�s pretty good stuff.

So�What�s up with the El Paso’s stocks??


Dude… so… I am back in Houston again!.. Yeah… now I am charged and ready for another day in the office!!!

All done!….. My job in Lafayette seems to be a done deal! “I love it when a plan comes together“… Hannibal (A-TEAM)

Well, here I am in Lafayette. I finish the first part of my job this afternoon really quick. So I am ready for tomorrow. While I am here in Lafayette, I’ve got a chance to catch up with my friend, Johnathon, and also enjoy some Cajun food. I just returned from Johnathon�s place and all […]

Lafayette, Louisiana here I come…

The talk back tag board has been updated. Yep, yep… I have now officially spent $30 on I spent couple of bucks and updated the tag-board system to the suped up version. Now, if there are two people on they can actually chat live on the tag-board. Pretty cool huh? Oh and did […]

I just love Houston!!! Only in Houston can you find a MacDonalds that serves their ketchup in a cup. Now, I am not talking about the little paper cups. I am talking about small size soda cups!!! and of course I asked if they have it in ketchup packets…. nope “…in Downtown Houston MacDonalds we […]

I am finally home. My Houston home at least. Well, Hsiu Hsiu is doing alot better. That makes me feel better as well. She will be leaving the hospital on Wednesday. Yeah! Thanks for all that prayed for her.

I can’t believe it… I actually missed a day of posting on my blog. Well, yesterday was hell. It was a very very busy day and I figure, I will take care of all the real life stuff before messing with blog. So what went on yesterday, you ask? Well, for short, I helped my […]

Sick, Sick, and still sick…. {sigh} …it really hurts me to see my girlfriend in such discomfort. The antibiotic should be kicking in anytime now.. so she should be feeling better soon. Pray for her everyone. Thanks!!!

What a morning it was…. I spend the entire morning in the ER with my girlfriend. She had a 102 fever most of last night. But it’s ok… she is resting now, and the doctor said she will probably be ok in a couple of days. Pray for her everyone. Beside that, everying is jolly […]

Sweet Home Alabama…. and we are finally home 🙂 It is kind of funny, it is not until now I realized how much of a southern guy I have become. Why you ask? Well… lets take for example what we ate when we first came home… We enjoyed some fresh watermelon. It was delicious… and […]

and off we go to the airport….

Well, it’s Friday!!! and I am taking another day of PTO. Why? to spend some more time with my Girlfriend before she head out to Taiwan for two month. :-(… But that’s ok, we still have this weekend. We are going to back to Auburn this afternoon, so that will be really fun. I can’t […]

Well, I just added some new photos to the photo gallery. The are the pictures that I promised about the Astros game over a week ago. Sorry about the delay.