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Doraemon’s Hands

So I was reading this post on Engadget that they are making this robotic hand.

It really reminded me of the lovable robot cat, Doraemon’s hands.  Both round and able to pick up things without opposable thumb.

What do you think??

Oct. 26, 1985

So what is so significant about October 26?  Well, it is the date that Doc Brown discovered Flux Capacitor.  As any good nerdy engineer knows, the flux capacitor is what makes time travel possible.

So today is the 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future.  It is one of my favorite movies as a child.   It is hard to imagine that it has been 25 years already.  I remember watching back to the future 2 when they travel to the future and how wonderful it is and how one day we will be living in that future.  So well, we are here now, 2010.  25 years into the future that Doc Brown wanted to visit and how amazing it is!!!

I always imagine that if they do a re-imagine of back to the future today, will they be travelling back to 25 years ago to 1985???

“Woah… that’s heavy!!!”

Wow, it’s Friday already?

This week just flew right by.  I can’t believe it is Friday already.  I still have so much stuff to do.  This week is pretty interesting.  I looked at many houses.  Some are very tempting because of the prices, some are very tempting because of the location, but I just have to found that house that I must have yet.  I wonder is it because I am valuing price too much? We will see … I will need to make a decision soon.  So… next week will be a super exciting week.  I will be in Las Vegas for first part of the week for CTIA.  For those of you that don’t know what CTIA is, it is the biggest Cellular Conference in the world.  Hopefully I will get a chance to learn some new things and maybe check out some new technology. The second part of next week, I may be going to NYC for the first time for a kick off meeting on Friday.  This should be pretty interesting.  So I will keep everyone updated.

Well, Happy Friday… oh and enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

Tennis? anyone?

Pike’s Market Place on Caprica?

Just sitting and chilling watching Caprica on Hulu and look what I noticed?

Back in the days when I had one gigabit per second to my home…

Years ago before I moved to Seattle, I was working in Grant County PUD as a telecom engineer.  At one time, I was actually the responsible engineer for their Fiber to the Home project there.  It was super interesting when we were  providing 1 gigabit connections to all the houses in Grant county.  We were also doing triple play at this time.  Triple play is when a service provider is providing voice, data, and video.  This may not be a big deal today, but this was in 2003 in Grant county Washington.

So today, I learned that Google is going to try to provide Gigabit Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network.

Interesting… but we’ve done it before already in GC.  But with that said… I am sure google will do a better job.  it just seems like we had some good ideas but just not at the right time.

Just like this Google power meter thing… we did that too… 😉

Traveling without a car today

I like public transportation. I like trains, ferries, and buses. I never really thought about why I like them, but I just like them. Today is a special day, I am going to Bremerton for work. My coworker will pick me up at the ferry terminal on the otherside. So, I am taking the public transportation the entire way.

Few things I notice, and maybe these are the reasons why I like public transportation.

1) The city looks so much different when you are on the bus.

2) When I am traveling without my car, I just feel so light and free. I mean I don’t have to worry about parking, break-in’s, and everything else associated with a car. Granted, I don’t get the excitement of driving, but it is good to change it up a bit.

3) no traffics to deal with. That is relaxing 🙂

Today I learned to tie my shoes…

Yes I do know how to tie my shoe laces… so I thought…
I’ve been doing it the same way since I was in preschool… two bunny ears and so on…
I have received many comments through out the years that I tie my shoe laces like a kid. I don’t mind those comments but what I do mind is that my laces always comes loose.

I think today I figured out why.

After looking at the above article, I tried to change my second knot in revers I think that is why it is always coming loose. so… yeah… we will see…

So I still tie with bunny ears.. but the second knot is now in reverse to be tigher…

I hope it works…


Everything in this world is about timing…
When a baseball player hits a home run ball it is about timing…
When a tennis player hits a powerful serv it is about timing…
When one makes money in the stock market it is about timing…

It just seems like everything is about timing and doing things or being there at the right time.

For me…
Sometimes I am too early…
Sometimes I am too late …

Some timing you can control and some timing you can not control…

and that boys and girls is what makes life fun 🙂

It is all good … and it is all part of the game called life.

Burst out in tears…

I don’t know why, but I received a package today… I did not want to open it but I did … and when I did I just burst out in tears. I have no ideas why? or if I was crying or laughing… I don’t know why… all I know is that I don’t feel like doing anything anymore… It all seems to be a dream… Speaking of which… I had a dream couple nights ago about …

It was a happy dream, I was very sad when I woke up, but it was still a dream. You know … looking back, yes, I have grown in the last 6 years. I have changed, I grew up.

I guess moving out of this apartment is a good thing… it is a good reset.

Everyone needs a reset every so often…

So I say…


“…This dub is freaky freaky, making party people steamyre-boot the system,
start the extraspectioncelestial retro-resurrection, infectious optical
illusionpatterned and dated selection, it’s classicnot suitable for the
ignorant masses, I pass themwith this ride, it’s fly octane, deranged
form and figureaeronautic features to beat ya,rag-top with bleachers so
everybody can hop inplanet to planet baby, poly-urethane burning
asteroidsprobing earth like Yuri Gagarin,sonic shots bring mannequinsback
to life like Lazarus forget diamonds, I bring you a 100 karat meteoriteextraordinare, got a asterisk next to my nameon your black listI’m feelin right, sippin coffee through a nozzlecustom-made by NASA put mustard on Kielbasa, watching Farrah Fawcett on my electronicthree hundred sixty planetarium screen…”

Prism by M-Flo (Verbal’s Rap)

Life Moves on…

It has been almost 3 weeks and … I still feel sad … especially when I am alone. I am doing thing to reshape my life. I started to play tennis really intensively. I try to keep my mind occupied all the time after work and work hard during work. I started to fix my car and get it back in a descent shape again. I just got my breaks fixed and now getting that funny sound on the back looked at. I am going to get the body shop to schedule a time for a repair….
Things are moving and time is slipping by…

Scott’s Last day

Lets see … Yesterday was Scott’s last day… he is starting work in LA on Monday. So we went to get something that he probably can’t get in LA… good ol’ southern BBQ at Thelma’s BBQ. Boy… let me tell you … I was stuffed. I don’t think I can keep my figure if I keep eating like this. Well, it was a sad evening seeing my friend go. It is a fore shadow of what’s to come….. We will see in 1 1/2 weeks.

Lunch today…

Lunch was great today… yep … my coworkers and I went to Thelma’s… it is the hole in the wall BBQ place that I mentioned a while back. Once again… I am stuffed. Just reading on the talk back board and geee…. what people would do to beg for money… go get a job guys and girls!!!