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World of Warcraft SUCKS!!! … this is the first time I want to play the game in 4-5 days and … guess what… it is broken and I can’t log in!!! WHAT GIVES… everytime I want to play… I can’t log in!!! GRRR!!! Posted by Hello

UPS SUCKS! I had an interesting run with UPS yesterday. For some reason, our UPS delivery guy would not drop the package off? Even after we sign and release all the responsibilities from UPS they still would not drop it off. So yesterday afternoon, my sis and I drove to the UPS center after work. It took us around 30 + mins because of the traffic and trying to find the place. Anyway, after we got to the UPS Center, they told us that “oops, your package is still on the truck and it hasn’t come in yet.” That is after we called them and asked them if we can go an pick it up. Stupid UPS. After we got home, I call them and complained, and they had the nerves to hang up on me… but finally, I did get my complains in at their national call center. Yep all that for a stupid package that we have not even got yet.

Well, the Texas play in Houston for the first time tonight. I got caught in that aweful traffic on the way back from helping my sister move. DANG! It reminded me of Auburn Football traffic. BTW the Texans SUCKS!…. 17-0 at half time. I hope they can do better.

Dude… the Houston Metro Trolley SUCKS!!!!

For some reason, everyday the trolley stops in front of our apartment for a “layover”. This means, they sit around until they catch up with thier �schedule�. Well, while they are doing that, we are waiting across the street wondering what’s going on. They SUCK the big ones. Today, I waited over 15 minutes. Oh well�. Enough complaining at least the trolley is free, right?