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Well, after a long day out I am finally back home. I did get some presents to bring back to Taiwan. It is always difficult finding the perfect present for someone. But I think I have found some good presents today. Well, so where did we go today? Humm… first for lunch I picked my sister up and met Johnson and Diana for some Dim Sum. Ummmm… it is sooo good. After dim sum, we dropped off Min-Jye and headed to Katy for the Katy Mills. So what is Katy Mills? Well, it is a super outlet mall. It is not your average outlet mall. This mall actually has a SAKS in there. It was incredible. After 3 hours… maybe more…. of shopping for gifts… I finally found something. I hope they will like the gifts. But it is far from over. I still have to get some gift for other relatives in Taiwan. Yep, the quest for the perfect gift is far from over.

… to be continue.