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Yummy Papaya

On my last day on Maui… I am having some delicious Maui papaya!!!… ummmm soo good ….

Hawaiian Lunch… and more

So another day around Maui… mostly today I worked in the hotel trying to catch up and but we did do one survey site and now we are done. Tomorrow is a free day.. and I will be finishing up some school work and work on some work work as well… But .. he look at my blacken fish lunch I had today πŸ˜‰ pretty cool huh?

so… here is a Maui Sunset for everyone πŸ˜‰

Passion Fruit!!!

Ever since I was little, I loved passion fruit. I remember finding wild passion fruit in Auburn and how exciting it was. I remember, last year in Maui, finding passion fruit on the beach and how ecstatic I was. The taste of a passion fruit is just well… passionate πŸ˜‰

So why is it called a passion fruit… well… I think it is called a “passion” fruit because of the its taste .. a bit sweet and a bit tart… just like a passionate relationship …

Sigh… memory it brings back with just the smell and the taste of it.


Trip back to Hana and more…

So today my work day in Maui continues… really it is really for work… I am really not on vacation here πŸ™‚ I am here to work!!! πŸ˜‰ But with that said … I finally did have some time sort of to myself. So let me tell you .. or whomever is reading this all about it.

So this morning… we headed to Ke’anae to survey another site, so after the survey was completed my coworkers and I decided to travel around the south end of the island and to Hana we go again.

Around Noon, we stopped at this street side bbq place for some Hawaiian BBQ. It was amazing.. and so much food. It’s really funny because it was actually in front of someone’s house and he just set his grill and some tables and he was cooking for everyone that was there to order. Oh… it was good.

So… I was silly in the head or something… I paid the guy in cash and I asked him for a receipt and…

Do you think my accounting people will like this?? ha ha ha

So after lunch we continued to look for more adventure… I got some fruits from the fruits stands… I love fruits… and I also found some nice waterfalls.

The one thing I forgot was to bring some swimming gear … so I was in jeans and work boots hiking around in the hot Maui sun.

oh I heard it’s really cold in Seattle and in Colorado … ha ha ha …. sorry guys .. it is in the 70’s over here πŸ˜€

Well… here are the pictures…. enjoy

A work day on Maui

So yesterday was Saturday, but yet I have to work… πŸ™‚ Working in Maui is not a bad thing at all. Working in Maui yesterday meant a trip to Hana. So I’ve heard stories about the road to Hana saying how beautiful it is and how curvy it is and how everyone is going to get sick on the car ride. With all this knowledge, I decided to be proactive and take some motion sickness medicine just in case. It is a work day after all, and I don’t want to get sick.

Well… BAD IDEA… that thing was ok until the afternoon, then I became a zombie…

so much for working on homework last night….

But the trip to Hana was indeed beautiful and I wish I have more time to stop at every little waterfall. Maybe next time…

Well.. enough talk…
here are the pictures πŸ˜‰


Returning to Maui makes me feel like coming back to the city…. good god there are so many people. In Moloka’i there are just not that many people .. and you get that small town feel. I like small town feels.

So as promised .. here are the pictures from Moloka’i

Two Days in Moloka’i

So… since yesterday early morning I’ve been all over Moloka’i. MoloKa’i is an island in Maui County it is North of the Maui Island. The island is not very populated, but it has alot of natural beauty. Moloka’i reminded me of Ephrata and central Washington. If you can imagine lifting up a small town and put it in the tropical setting and surrounded by tropical weather and atmosphere that would be Moloka’i. During my trip here, I have not seen many cars.. it is just so peaceful and quiet it is amazing.

I took alot of pictures, but it hasn’t all been uploaded yet. I am sure you will see the rest in my next post.

I don’t know if I will have a chance to come back or not… but if I ever want to get always from it all. I know there is Moloka’i.

Going back to Maui

It has been a little over 1 year since I traveled to Maui. I am going three for work but it is bringing back alot of memories and emotions :(. Sigh… So in 6 more hours I will be in Maui.

Got tickets to Maui

So today my tickets to Maui finally got confirmed. One year and one month after our last trip to Maui, the project is finally on it’s way and we are heading out to Maui the first two weeks of December.

It has been a while…

So… it is sea fair Saturday… I have not wrote on my blog in a very long time. So what’s been going on lately? Well… I am in the middle of finding a new place to live in Seattle. Yes I am still looking for a place to buy but I can’t find a place right away to buy so… I am looking for a place to rent right now. I got really sick and tired of my current place. Why? yes… granted it is close to work, however, I find myself traveling alot lately to get away from my home and do other things to keep my mind busy. Yeah… so i ended up overbooking alot of the time… Actually I am kind of happy that I am just sitting around at home listening to music and just chilling right now.

so… yeah.. i’ve been looking at rental homes and my co-worker and I have also been talking about possibley rooming together. so… yeah… major party pad … woo hoo..

As for work… it has been busy… Just got back from a day trip from Oakland this week and I think I am finally going to head to Maui for my next big project in Sept. Oh and boss said there also maybe a project in Alaska in couple of months.

Oh… and School starts in couple of weeks… which also means football seasons is almost here as well… Good god… everything is running together… my ical and my googlecal and my outlook cal are all filling up.

My First Youtube Video

Yep, it has been a while since my last blog. Life has been busy. Let’s see… I had a chance to travel to Maui, HI for a project interview and yes just this week we got a response that we got selected as the winning consulting firm. Woo Hoo. I’ve also had a chance to travel back home to Auburn, AL for one week for Thanksgiving. Got a chance to go to toomer’s Corner after the game!!! Woo hoo.. that was awesome. 17-10 … Auburn has won 6 years in a row!!!! WAR EAGLE.

Oh .. and I got a new HD Camcorder!!!… I am usually not a video type of guy… usually still shot type of guy… but it is fun to play around a bit every so often.

oh… let’s see my second midterm is coming up … and then final and then final project. Yep… lot of stuff…

Oh… it is starting to get cold here… no snow on the ground yet.. but some snow on the mountains… let it snow … after all my finals and things πŸ˜‰

well.. enjoy the video!!!

Busy and Busy

I know I know… I’ve been saying that I am busy , but I really am… with work and school work and don’t forget about sleep… I am pretty busy. Β I feel bad sometimes because I don’t have time to redo my site and my blog… one day I will one day. Β But a little update. Β I’ve been traveling for work to Utah and in two week I will be going to Iowa for two weeks. Β Then by the 2nd week of November I am going to Maui. Β Yep… you’ve got it … Hawaii!!!