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Good bye Dad

Yesterday 8/14/2019 at 4:35pm, my father left us. He has been fighting cancer for the last 9 month. Initially, treatment went pretty well, but last 3 months the conditions turned for the worst. The last month was really tough for my father and my family. My dad went from a fully functioning person to completely bedbound. For the last few weeks, my dad spend his remaining time at my home on hospice. We try to do our best to make sure he was comfortable. There were good days and there were bad days, but it was a constant emotional stress on my mom.

Yesterday, for the first time in my life I saw the end of life for another human being. That was my father.

Yesterday I think I finally grown up. Witnessing my father’s passing and seeing my father’s life slipping away from his eyes and seeing him taken away to the funeral home. It really makes one think of what really important and continue to cherish all that we take for granted.

My dad was and extremely brilliant man who knows how to live life. Professionally, my dad was an excellent professor who inspired many in the field of computer science and information assurance. (Including myself) In private, my father was a great husband, a wonderful father. My dad loves fishing. He taught me everything I know about fishing , how to tie a hook, how to hook a live minnow, how to dock a boat on a trailer.

My dad was also a very handy person and always taught me to think like an engineer. I remember when we built our back deck together and how he taught me how to use a hammer and power drill properly. I also remember his love for his garden and his pond, where my mom and dad built the pond by hand, one stone at a time.

My father was an excellent billiards player and even close to winning few regional tourneys.

Finally, my father loved seafood and different type of exotic and wonderful fruits. He never ate too much but he knows what’s good!! My love for good food and fruits are a direct influence from him. In the end, it was really tough for him to not being able to eat.

My dad lived a short but very interesting 71 years. Growing up in Taiwan, he had a wonderful career as an electrical engineer,but gave it up to immigrating to the US in the 80’s to get his Ph. D and to give his kids new and wonderful opportunities. I believe he made a direct positive impact on many life’s, especially Min-Jye and mine.

We will all miss you, Dr Chen!!!

I miss you Dad!!!

Another tough few weeks

Summer of 2019 really sucks!!! Last week dad was in the hospital all week and he was finally released on Thursday, because there is nothing that doctors can do and he is now on Hospice. Before 2019 I did not even know what the word hospice means. But I am learning really quickly about this service and what it is offering.

So what is hospice anyway ???

From the definition above, it is basically care for the terminally ill. This means that the doctor has given up and comfort care is the only thing that they will do while the patient is on hospice. In the US, there are multiple type of hospice, in patient hospice, adult home hospice, and home hospice.  Now by no means am I an expert on all of this, I am just simply documenting my experiences and what I have learned this week.

In patient hospice, means the person is staying in a hospital like environment, and the focus is on comfort and not curing the cause any longer.  The social work told me it was close to $400 a day for this service.

Adult home hospice, it is like in patient hospice except it is in an adult home with multiple other patients with care takers there.  Some will have nurses.  This is less expensive than in patient hospice, but may still cost over 10K a month.

Final option is home hospice.  This option is fully covered by Medicare.  In fact, MediCare provides all the necessary equipments, including hospital beds, meds for comfort, etc.  Since it is home hospice, the hospice service, also provide a 24/7 hotline with nurses on call, you also get a social worker, chaplain (which I don’t know what they do), and a nurse.

It is really tough seeing my father in the condition that he is in.  I still can’t believe how quickly we are at this stage, when only one month ago he was on an Alaska cruise and everything was good OK.

Sometimes, I feel that I am grabbing for straws and hopes.  I am a straight and narrow type of guy, I never in my life thought I would ever walk in to a pot shop and yet last week, i walked into a pot shop and bought some CBDs for my father.

It’s been a tough June 2019

Today is the last day of June 2019. This month has been extremely tough. I am not talking about work. My father has been sick and during the last month we visited the Emergency Room 3 times and admitted to the hospital twice.

A Beautiful Friday

Today is a beginning of a car free weekend, after an extremely busy week at work, my weekend finally begin with a happy hour with my buddies Colin and Brian. The weekend began with heading to Blue Acre in downtown for Colin’s special happy hour. My good friend Colin left Sparling for another position. Oh how quickly time passes, I remember when Colin started with Sparling 3 years ago. So since after the HH I was planning to join my other friends in Alki, I decided to ride down with Colin and Brian and then take public transportation to Alki. After hunting around downtown trying to find the bus to pier 50, I was finally at the Seattle Water Taxi to Alki. It’s pretty cool, I’ve been in Seattle for 4 years and I have never taken the water taxi.

Beautiful Seattle!!


The Water Taxi


Seattle Instagram 😉

It is so nice, once I got to Alki, I just jump on the DART shuttle and it drop me right at the Alki beach where my friends are BBQing.


As you can see this is a beginning of a beautiful weekend!!!

26 years ago today…

Today is a special day… I remember 26 years ago, the day after 8/8 Father’s day we left Taiwan and was on my first flight across the Pacific to America. I remember flying a 747 over to LAX and then because we our flight during the layover, the airline put us in a hotel in LAX. I remember watching American cartoons for the first time in the hotel. Even though I did not understand a word, but I loved it. I remember flying to Houston from LAX. During the flight I remember seeing the Southwest landscape and thought it looked just like a model terrain. I remember flying into Lafayette and reaching my new home in Louisiana. So many things have changed in 26 years. I remember not knowing how to speak a word of English, I remember leaving Lafayette, I remember graduating high school, I remember graduating college, getting my first real job, leaving Alabama, I remember becoming an American, moving from Houston to Ephrata, moving to Seattle, and of course meeting my lovely wife.

Oh … so many memories….

Webserver issues and also catching up on blog postings

So many things has happened in the last couple of weeks that I’ve been way to busy (or lazy) to update my blog. Anyways, lots of bike riding, I’ve also got lots of flats and lot of pictures to show. I will try to update some today. Anyways, I do have one pressing issue. my personal webserver been acting up, I am really thinking about switch over to a paid hosting service. Oh more monthly fees. I really don’t want to do that, but it is just getting too time consuming for me to continue to maintain my own web server. I just want it to work dangit!!!

So more to come!!!

One Beautiful Saturday and a Great Weekend

This weekend was great, we had the only sunny day in months and this Saturday for the first time in many years I washed my own car. I pulled out my old car washing gear from the Ephrata days and washed my car and Vicky’s car. It was also the first time that Vicky washed a car.

Photo Apr 23, 11 49 30 AM.jpg

Afterward, we went to pick up Vicky’s friends at the airport. They came from China and from Vancouver. We had a chance to enjoy some wonderful dim sum and then did the tourist things around Seattle. I actually saw a place that I haven’t been before. It’s the gum wall in Post Alley. Pretty disgusting but still pretty unique.

IMG_5126.jpg IMG_5127.jpg IMG_5134.jpg IMG_5139.jpg IMG_5145.jpg





Afterward we visited Queen Anne hill and then went to Fremont for a short walk about.
The Dinner was wonderful. I grilled some lemon shrimp and Vicky cooked some wonderful food.

Photo Apr 23, 7 34 00 PM.jpg

On Sunday, the weather was not as great, but we visited the Future in Flight Tour at the Boeing plant. It was pretty cool. It’s amazing to see the 747 still in production, it is the plane that brought me to the US. It is also the plane that carried the Space Shuttle (which is now retired), so sad.

But all in all it was a wonderful Weekend… and now it’s Monday… it is all wet and nasty again :(.

The beginning of my cycling adventure

I never ran a marathon before, I’ve never biked over 50 miles before, but recently I decided to take a chance and signed up for STP with my two best friends. STP for those that don’t know is a bike ride from Seattle to Portland (, hence the name STP. The ride to Portland is around 202 miles. The plan right now is to do it in two days. Day 1 will be approximately 120 miles and around 80 miles the second day. With that said, I am starting to train and I find that I am so out of shape. So today is my 3rd ride to work this year. The weather is still cold, but it suppose to turn around. However, it still seems a little gray. I think it will get better this afternoon.

So also as part of my training, I will be signing up for the Tour de Cure. I haven’t decided how much I will ride yet but stay tuned.

So many things have been going on lately after I got married, I haven’t really had time to make much updates, but I do miss posting on my blog and BTW my blog is almost 9 years old!!! Can you believe it!!! The next couple of weekends will be pretty exciting so I will hopefully post some more and keep this blog alive.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 2010 has been an interesting year. There are many things I am thankful. I am thankful for Vicky, I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for my friends, I am thankful for my work, I am thankful for the successful purchase of my house, I am thankful for the surgeons in Beijing, I am thankful for the skillful Delta pilots, and I am thankful for everything in this interesting year.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Snow day in Seattle

So a major snow storm hit Seattle this week, it is not as bad as the one in 2008, but still shut down most of the city. So today is actually pretty amazing. The sun is out it’s beautiful out, but below freezing the entire day. After working most of the morning in my office. I decided to take a break and walk around the neighborhood and take some pictures. The walk reminded me so much of my time in Ephrata, WA. The crusty frozen ground, the cool air, the patches of slippery ground. Gosh, I really miss Ephrata.

[pe2-gallery album=”aHR0cDovL3BpY2FzYXdlYi5nb29nbGUuY29tL2RhdGEvZmVlZC9iYXNlL3VzZXIvbWluaHNhby9hbGJ1bWlkLzU1NDI5Nzc0MTg3NTE0ODM0MjU/YWx0PXJzcyZhbXA7aGw9ZW5fVVMma2luZD1waG90bw==”]

Sushi From Last night

It’s been a while since I last made some sushi… well … I just whipped something together… nothing special but it was pretty good.

My New Dining Set

Thanks Peter, Xavier, and Vicky for help with the setup of our new dining set!!! 🙂

My First email from Mom

Today, I got my first ever email from my Mom.  🙂  It’s pretty amazing.  My dad set mom up with a Macbook pro with chinese hand writing ability.  So now she is on the internet sending emails in Chinese :).

I just love technology!!!

My Bibimbap

The Bibimbap that I made 🙂  Yum!!!

Photo Experiment: Merry-Go-Around

So it’s a beautiful Friday afternoon, we decided to take some pictures. Since we needed some pictures for an upcoming big day. I thought it would be fun to take some fun photos. I love picture taking.

So I saw the shooting challenge from Gizmodo a while back and I thought it would be awesome to do something like this. So take a look at the video.

So the result from half hours of shooting is as follows:

So, what do you think???



Woo Hoo!! This is the first time in my life that I got a double yolk.  The experience was amazing. Cracking the egg and then TWO YOLKS!!!!!


Woo Hoo!!! I am officially a home owner in Washington!!!

After many month of looking and hunting and dealing with stupid lender funding my loan, I am finally and officially a home owner!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

So what’s next???

Weekend / Monthly Update with Min-Hsao Chen

So it has been a very long time since I wrote in my blog and since I am in the middle of my craziness at work on a Sunday, what better time to write a little bit about what have been going on so I won’t forget all the little things.

So Let’s start from now and go back to where we last left off…

Today.. I am working in the office today… overwhelmed with 2 major projects. Oh and I also receive my new glasses… which is incredibly fast.  I ordered them on line on 05/20/2010.  Which means I got them in 2 days!!!!! oh and it was only 15 dollars with lens and coatings and all!!! baby!!!

I may post a picture later if I have time.

Yesterday (05/22/2010), we spend an entire day looking for carpets and paint colors…. why? well… look below… 🙂

This past Friday (05/21/2010), I was suppose to be a home owner, however, the stupid lender decide not to fund in the last minute and then decided that they made a mistake and will be funding me.  So I will be closing on Monday!!! Oh … I guess I will be a home owner soon!!! yeah!!!

This past Friday was bike to work day, and I biked to work going my fastest getting to work for an 8AM meeting.  54minutes from my townhome to my office!!! just short of 14mile/hour average time.  I am getting stronger.  In the afternoon, I took on the challenge of 8th Ave NE going south bound.  Yes, it was a super step hill and on top of that it was pouring !!!!  I was soaked!!!

Wednesday, my folks arrived in Seattle.

Monday, I biked to work with my new bike seat… I felt the comfort and more power!!!

2 weeks ago… I was back in NYC for my second trip for my project.

about a month ago… oh I signed contract for a new house. 🙂

So did I miss anything?

3 years in Seattle!!!!

I was reminded that today is my 3 year anniversary with Sparling, my current company.   It is hard to believe that 3 years ago I moved from the little town called Ephrata to Seattle.  It was 3 years ago that I started my life in Seattle.  So many things have changed since that time and more changes are coming … stay tuned!!!

Final Day around New York City

Our final day in NYC was pretty easy and relaxed. Vicky and I spend most of the time in central park and just relaxing and really enjoying the city. It makes me think that I maybe able to live here one day? oh maybe.. maybe not.

[pe2-gallery album=”aHR0cDovL3BpY2FzYXdlYi5nb29nbGUuY29tL2RhdGEvZmVlZC9iYXNlL3VzZXIvbWluaHNhby9hbGJ1bWlkLzU0NjY3NDAzMjczMzk0ODQxNjE/YWx0PXJzcyZhbXA7aGw9ZW5fVVMma2luZD1waG90bw==”]