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Well, Guys and Gals… my big adventure back to Taiwan is not complete. I am back home after another long long trip through the air. It was another 24 hours travel day. There were couple of thing differen on the return trip. First, on our return trip we went over the pacific and over alaska, instead of over Greenland and asia area. So in short, I guess you can say that we circle the globe on this trip to Taiwan. Second, I had to visit my good old friends at the INS again when I reenter in to the US. Well, it was quite interesting. Both Hsiu Hsiu and I got call in to the special INS office to be questioned. For some reason, we were concidered suspisious. After being questioned for about 5 mins, asking anything from when is your birthday to did you go anywhere else besides taiwan and when was the last time you are in the US. I finally got an answer to why we were concidered suspisious. for some reason, the INS computer shows that our tickets to Taiwan were purchased in Bangkok. Bangkok? we never even been to Bangkok. We purchased our tickets from a travel agent in Atlanta. Anyway, after showing the INS officers all the documentations proving that we purchase our tickets in Atlanta and not Bangkok. We were cleared. Special thanks to Hsiu Hsiu for keeping up with all the travel documents. I would have never though about bringing all those stuff. I will now. Third event that was different on the return trip. Hsiu Hsiu got upgraded to first class on the last leg of our trip from Newark to Houston. Woo Hoo!! Yep Hsiu Hsiu got to spend 3 hours in First class hobnobing with all the rich folks. She says the food and service was better then economy, but it still can’t compare to Cathay Pacific’s economy class. It makes you wonder what’s CP’s Business or First Class like? Hummm….

Finally, when we finally got to Houston, I though the adventure was over, but I was wrong. After we picked up our luggage, we went to call for a taxis. One would think that would be an easy task. Well, in Houston, Texas, it is not an easy task. Last night, there were a line at the taxis stand. That’s really no big deal, until about 6 or 7 taxis showed up and no one was moving. For some reason there some confusion so the cab were not moving and the people were not loading up. So we ended up with about 2 lines. One line of people wanting to get in to a cab and another line of cabs wanting people to get on. How stupid. Only in Houston will you see something is stupid. Anyway, after about 30-45 mins of trying to get a taxis we finally got one and were on our way home.

Well… it is good to be home. I will try to work on a page just for the Taiwan trip sometime soon.

What? 30 Days? In todays world, what takes 30 days to process? I can get a gun in less then 30 days, so why do I have to register 30 days before an election? Because it takes that long to process??? Well, I have just become a citizen of this country and I would like to vote in the coming election, but it seems that INS is not the only big government bureaucracy in our system. Isn’t it funny that you have to register at least 30 days before an election in order to vote, but you can wall up to a gun shop and get instant background check. Well, I guess I will go up to the court house tomorrow and see if they will let me register, even though I am 4 days late. Probably not. We will see… Interesting fact… this will be the first opportunity for me to vote in any election in my life and I am probably going to miss it because of something stupid like this.

I guess I am not the only one that ran in to problems with INS.

I know… everytime I go back to Auburn lately, my blog stops. But what can I say… I was with my girlfriend. So what happened this weekend? Well, I took an extra day off …of course. I finally after long and painful process got my citizenship thing straighten out with INS. We had a surprise birthday party for Hsiu Hsiu. She was a happy girl. My friend Jerich is now a married man!!! Congrats Jerich. Auburn Won and that’s about it…. cool huh?

Boy…. it’s Monday again and it’s good to be back to another week, but I am already for the weekend! Yep …. I will be heading back to Auburn this weekend. Hopefully, I will also get the opportunity to take care of my INS problem. So, what happened this weekend? Hum… ok lets give you a brief overview. Auburn Won, Alabama lost, I finally got a chance to meet the Rice University’s CSA, and the Houston Texan’s beat the Cowboys. In between all that I went out with my friend Johnson for Dim Sum and Gundam model hunting.

I finally got a response around 7:50 and the answer is “Oops, it seems like we made a mistake, but we can’t help you to fix it either. You will have to get your ass back to the south boy… back to Atlanta.” Ok, maybe that was not exactly what they said, but the point is they can’t do anything about it and they are sending me back to Atlanta to get processed. What really gets me is that, when I asked them what they need to verified me and put the seal on the certificate. They responded, �We will need to verify all document such as court records to show that you are a citizen.� So I asked, �Can you not do that through the computer?� They replied, �No!� By this time I am all fired up and I asked, �So if someone get in to something and need a citizenship verification, you guys will actually call all the INS around the country to see if that person is a citizen or not?� They answered, �Oh no, we do that through the computer.� � ??? � ???? � what the heck? �So what does the computer say about my status?� I asked. �The computer says you are a citizen�. �So why can I not get a seal and a date on my certificate? � �Because this was processed through Atlanta and you can only get it done in Atlanta!… sorry.�

Is it just me or does it make sense to everyone else??

While I was Waiting in line at the INS …. I wrote the following….

Is it just me or is it always the coldest right before the sun rise. 7 more minutes and it will be 6:00 am!

INS must have hired Disney to create their waiting line. I finally turned the corner and realized what was causing the line to move. It is not people are being processed but instead the fornt doors are opened and you are led to a inside room with lines. It is now 6:21 AM.

It is now 7:06 am. I am still in line inside the building. There are a lot of people in front of me and there are only 40 numbers availiable. I just hope not everyone in front of me needs a number for the citizenship officer. It would really suck if I get to the end of the line and find out that “sorry, thatls all th numbers for the day”. We will see.

7:21 and I am just a few more people until the “window of waiting numbers”.

So I got to the end of the line and spoke to some one and what she told me is to “Follow the blue line and speak to the people there” so I am now at the end of the blue line and waiting… It is 7:37.

I just spoke to some one at the end of the blue line and she is now telling me that they can do this but no one has the key to the safe. You may need to come back tomorrow. But let me check… And the suspense continues……

I am here sitting in the line around the INS building. Yep around the building, the line is that long that it wraps around the building. The worst of all, it is only 5 am right now. Goodness, I am so tired.

Scott is the Mack Daddy of everything!!! After trying to find a local INS number and trying to get someone to help me with my immigration problem, Scott finally helped me found my answer. The number is 281-774-4610� Go ahead�. Write it down!!! So, I called that number and the lady was 200 % more helpful then the national help line. She actually told me that they can probably take care of the seal and date problem, if they can locate my information on there computer system. The kind lady also informed me that the office that handled this type of issue is only open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So my question, obviously, was when are you open? She said they are open at 7:00 am, but she said that I have to come early because people start waiting in line around 3:00 am in the morning. Good God! 3 AM in the MORNING!?!

Doh… My plan to head up to INS office today is Foo bar. Why? Because I can’t get up early enough…. I think I will now aim for Friday morning to deal with INS.

Well, Guess what? I finally talked to someone in the INS help line. And what did they say? They told me to go to the INS office in Houston… in short it means … “Get in line, bitch!” Well, I just hope when I get to the INS office in Houston, they don’t tell me “sorry, you have to go back to Atlanta.” So… I guess I will plan for a trip to North Houston tomorrow morning.

Amazing! I get right into INS’s phone system right after 4:00 pm. And that’s when they say I should call back. The best part is that I called them about 3:48 and got hung up on. So what does that mean? They don’t answer their calls until after 4??

INS sucks!!! Why do they suck? Well, humm.. where do I start? Let�s start with my citizenship. Well, since I got my US citizenship, I figure why not go ahead and get my passport. Couple days ago, I got a letter from the passport office denying my application, because my naturalization certificate was not valid. So I ask myself� �What? How could that be?� After reading the letter from the passport office and reviewing my certificate, they were correct. INS forgot to put a INS seal and a date on my certificate. So what does this mean? I don�t know what it means? Does it mean I am not a citizen?

Today, I try to contact INS to see where I need to go to clear this up? Either Houston, Atlanta, or Montgomery, either way it will probably cost more money and time. I try to find and number to call and the only number I can find is there national hotline. �Hey, that�s no biggie, I will just give them a call and they will tell me where to go.� When I called, I get this huge list of menu which nothing really helps. Here is the kicker, when I finally found the right option to push, it told me to hold on and my call is very important, and my call Will be answered in the order which it was received. But shortly after that message, it gave me another message saying that all of the agents are busy please call back at a different time and then �Thank you for calling INS� Click!� Those punks hung up on me! Just like that, they hung up on me. I guess I will have to call back � I mean what else can I do? Well, I love how efficient and friendly our government is.