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This is not my first experience…

Even though, this is not the first time to survive layoffs, it is very hard to hear about it, this round. I remember the first time in 1999 right after I got hired out of college. The second time was in 2002 in Houston. And now, June 9th, 2009. I don’t know why it is bothering me this time. I guess it is because I am a bit older and the company that I am working for is alot smaller so … well… it is all a game of numbers.

I am going to bed and sleep it off. Big meeting tomorrow morning.

What a weekend… and an end of the 40 day experiment

So this past weekend, I was in Houston helping my sister find a place. Houston brought back so many memories. I saw all the places I use to go. I went back to visit my old townhouse, and that tree was still there.. and it is huge now. ( look back in 2003… where I moved a tree with my car… hee hee) I went back to Osaka my favorite sushi place in Houston and Tom, the sushi chef still remember me :)… ( I use to go there alot). The Montrose overpass is now an underpass. May’s place don’t have my favorite vegetarian Taiwanese meatballs anymore 🙁 (how sad). Drove around and saw all the other places where it just brings back so many memories. We found and picked some loquat. We bought alot of exotic fruits (I love fruits). We went to one of my favorite cajun place (Pappaduax) in Houston. We had lots of boiled crawfish… and it was only 4.99 a lb. vs 8.99 in Seattle… and it is so much better. I met up with an old co-worker of mine… we talked about how things have changed… talked about the good times in the past and BS a bit. It was fun.

so on top of all of that I concluded my 40 days of no soft drinks or hard drinks or any other sugar drinks. So I bet everyone is wondering what was my first none water drink after 40 days. Ha Ha….
It was a Cherry Limeade from Sonic!!! My second was a Dr. Pepper and my third was a sugar cane juice (soo good)!!!
All in all it was a busy but a good weekend. It was great to see my parents and my sister and it was great to revisit Houston.

Off to Houston…

So interesting day today, I will be heading back to Houston today. It has been many many many years since I been back to Houston. No no… I been back to Houston IAH airport, but actually going back to Houston City.. it has been a while. So many memories… I will be there for Easter weekend and I will return to Seattle, on Monday morning. So the only thing now is to cross my fingers and hope for upgrades!!!

What a weekend..

Well… It is almost hard for me to go back to Seattle, but I must return to reality…

So… let’s recap…
It all started off on Wednesday night a chance to watch the Seattle Mariners and watching them Win!!!

Then I got upgraded to First Class for my flight from Seattle to Houston.

Then when I got back to Alabama, I got a chance to see my buddy Rick!!!

Then when we finally got home, my mom cooked an super awesome meal for us including our family’s exclusive …

It’s soo good… then on the 4th we did some shopping and of course, we had a BBQ just like every other American family, but we did international style…

and yes … there are some BBQ involved too;)

On Saturday… Dr. Who Day and also the Atlanta Braves day!!!
Our family went up to ATL to get a hair cut and also watch the game!!!

See my new hair cut… Spikey… I don’t know if I like it or not…

oh and after the game … ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!!! Cool!!!

And after we returned back to Auburn, My little sister and I watch the conclusion of the BBC’s Dr Who… A very good Scifi show for those that don’t know… and it was a fairly good ending to the season!!!

and then we come to today…

We started with an early Mass and just chill at home playing 9-ball with dad and just over all enjoying my stay. Now I am in Houston IAH and waiting on my flight in the airport lounge and oh.. I’ve got upgraded to First Class again!!

Woo hoo…

So… yeah… it has been a good July 4th weekend… I hope everyone had an awesome weekend as well…

Oh… Tennis tomorrow.

Last week in Ephrata

Well… it seems just like Yesterday I was writing about leaving Houston for something wonderful… and now it is 4 years later and I am leaving Ephrata. So much the same and so much different. So this week is my last week working for GCPUD. There are still lots of work to do, loose ends to wrap up. I am sure it will be a fast and exciting week.

Today, I found out that one of my good friend in Houston had a family tragedy. It is such a shocker. My heart and prayers goes out to Clayton and his family.

Once again, I am sitting in the Airport typing away at my blog. Oh before I forget, Happy Mothers day!!! Anyway… this time I am in the Birmingham Airport. Originally, I was going to fly from here to Houston and from Houston to Seattle, but that flight to Houston got cancelled so I am flying to Cincinnati, OH instead and fly from there to Seattle. I get delayed about 1 hour. So that’s ok. And tomorrow starts an interesting week. Tomorrow morning I head from Seattle to Las Vegas and I spend 3 days in Las Vegas for the International Wireless Communications Expo. Now that should be fun. One of these nights, I think I want to go see Penn and Teller. 😀

Anyway… these couple of days in Auburn has been fun. Of course it always been fun. I got a chance to see alot of my friends. I got to see my buddy Trung and Julie and their 3 kids and one to come. They have such a blessed family. I also got to see my buddy Sergeon and Shi with their baby girl Misha. It was Misha’s birthday on Saturday. Misha is one year old now… wow… I can’t believe how fast time passes. I also saw my friend Eric Au and his wife and his kid. One special surprise was I got a chance to see Lan Shang Bing… he is on his Honeymoon and decided to take his wife to Auburn for a visit. Amazing I can’t believe that he has been away for almost 6 years. This past weekend, I also got to check out the remodeled house. My father did a wonderful job remodelling the old house. It looked sooo good. If I were in Auburn, I would love to live there. It is only $145,000. Any offers??

Of course family… I got to spend a short amount of time with my family. My sister came home yesterday and we had a big party. Partys at my family’s house is always the best!!!
I do also miss my friends in the NW. sometimes I wish I can have all my friends here in Alabama for a big party 😀

But it is time to go home… and tomorrow I am flying to Vegas and get ready to take notes and lots of work on the road. But it should still be fine.

Oh… and one more thing… I got an A for my Cryto class!!! oh my gosh!! an A… but that is another story for another day ;D

I will be leaving BHM soon and I will be back in SEA around 10:25pm…. maybe sooner if the pilot speeds… ha ha ha.. zoom zoom

I can not believe it is May 2006 already. It seems like yesterday it just turned 2006. It seems like yesterday I was planning my May trip down to Houston to see my little sister’s graduation. It seems like yesterday I was with… {sigh} But now it is one year later. I am still here in Ephrata. Work is work. I been assigned to Hydro… which means, 2 days out of the week I will be traveling to the dams to do some radio work. It is May so that means my school is almost over. I have a goal… I do, really! My goal is to get my CCNP before the summer is over. I only have 3 exams left. I am thinking once I get it everything will be better. But that is what I said about my PE. I said that once I get my PE, I will be able to do everything…. but things just got worst after that. 4700 people.. that is how many people there are in Ephrata. Life alone in a small town is pretty boring and lonely. We have a Walmart, a Safeway, a Subway, a Burger King, a McDonalds, and few other local resturants. That is where I live. The outside environment is beautiful, but outside beauty can only do so much for a person’s mental state. I guess my only goal is to get my CCNP and see where we go from there. I use to have so many goals… now I only have one.

October 4th… I guess yesterday is my two years anniversary here in Grant County. Two years ago I traveled from Houston, Texas and landed in this small town called Ephrata. Two years later, what have changed? EVERYTHING… I feel like I have grown up alot more. My goals and dreams from two years ago are…. well… some are accomplished some are not.. and some are completely gone. The project that moved me here are not the same anymore. Everyday, I try to find my motivation.. and I get pockets of motivation.. and then it dies down… it is hard. I don’t know why it is hard. Maybe I am hitting my two year limit at one place and it is time to move on? I think I am being a little pessimistic about everything. Actually, they are good things about my situation. I am finally back in school again. … got to get back to work… I will write more later.

I am on my way home right now. I am in the Houston airport using free wifi… SWEET! Well.. tomorrow is another big day of work. I should be fully charged by tomorrow. Go… Min!!

Well… I am sitting at the airport again… stupid delays…. well… now I will not board until 1:00… I might even miss my connection in Houston….. I am tired… and tired…

The plane is finally here…. well… my flight is delayed… so now the plane is de-boarding and we will be boarding in a bit…. woo hoo… time to go to sleep. Well… bathroom run before the flight….
Here I come Houston… then Atlanta… 😀

Well, since it has been a while since I last posteded… yesterday doesn’t count… I figure I will list some of the things that have happened since the last time I wrote in my blog.

1) Hsiu Hsiu was here for a week in May. She flew in to Seattle and immediately we flew to Houston for my sister’s graduation. Then we drove to Lafayette, LA to visit with some of my parent’s friends and we drove back to Auburn the next day. We had a small crawfish boil and the day after Hsiu Hsiu and I flew to Boston. We were in Boston for the remining time she was here. At the end of our Boston trip we flew from Boston to Cleveland then to Atlanta and then to Newark and then to Seattle. Yeah… it was a long trip. By the time Hsiu Hsiu got home, I think she already made silver status on her frequent flier miles. I had alot of fun with her here. It was good to visit Houston and it is very very sad to see her go again.

2) My little sister has graduated College. Yep Min-Jye is now a college graduate. She graduated from Bio Engineering… whatever that means. She is now going to attend UAB in Bham for med school. Boy it has been a while since I went back to Birmingham. Congrats Min-Jye.

3) Sergeon and Shi’s daughter was born. Her name is Misha. I am so happy for them. So congrats Sergeon and Shi.

4) Star Wars 3 has came and gone… ok maybe it is not gone yet but it is still very very good film. It was better than what I had expected. After the movie I ended up watching Star Wars 4, 5, and 6 all over again. That’s pretty crazy huh?

5) I started to read the Manga GANTZ. I have to say Mangas are like cocaine. It is very very addictive. They only publish 15 pages of comic every week and GANTZ has been going on for 200+ weeks. Yeah… a long time and I finish reading 200 weeks of comic in 2 days… and now I am wanting more and I have to wait… AHHHH… I need a GANTZ fix!!!!

Well, That is all I can remember right now….

Currently I am sitting in the coffee shop and the SAGE N SUN is going on outside. SageNSun is a summer festival here in Ephrata. Believe me … it is not much of a festive, It is not like the City Stages in Bham or the Rodeo’s in Houston or the Music festivals in ATL…. yeah… I miss those.

I been feeling really lonely lately….. Since Hsiu Hsiu left in May…. I know I should be concentrate on something else … but it is hard. I find myself sleeping alot and dreaming alot and thinking alot. I am becoming more and more isolated… being in Ephrata doesn’t help.

I liked Boston.

WOOO HOO … Finally!!!
My house in Houston is finally sold!!…
Yes.. I took a slight lost on it … but after not living there for over a year … it is good to get that off my back.

So… what now? New house in Ephrata? Humm… let me think about that…
nah.. maybe not right away….

Anyway… yep… I will have some extra cash for couple of month now… no more mortgage payments!!!

Just buy the house already….

Well… I just got a call from my realtor… they are saying the buyer is having second thoughts because they don’t think my floor is hardwood and they think my dishwasher is broken. Do what? Dishwasher is broken? I don’t think so… if I have to … I will go over to Houston to take a look myself. That’s just crazy. I think I am already selling it pretty cheap and they are still being picky… buy it or walk away buddy!!!

Yeah… the realtor says that the buyer got a really bad inspector… He thought my microwave and stove doesn’t work either … what gives….

Anyway… we will see what happens.

Well, I finally agreed on an offer on the house … we will see now if my place in Houston will get sold or not. Posted by Hello

Happy 1 Year anniversary!!!! Today is my one year anniversary working here at the PUD. I can’t believe that it is one year already. I have learned so many things and so many things have changed in the PUD since I got here. For example, currently I am on my sixth supervisor and the fiber project is not moving as fast as I expected. It is mostly because of political BS. So after one year, what do I think about Grant County and Ephrata? Not bad, it is a lot smaller than Houston, but hey� 2 and a half hours away from Seattle. Now, that is a pretty cool town. Still I can�t believe that so many things have changed and so many things stays the same.

Some of the things that stayed the same �

1) I still have a house in Houston� what gives? someone want to buy a townhouse in Houston?

2) No updates on my website in a long while� just too busy � no time� not even for blogs� crazy.. huh

3) Still the same car … for now.. that may change soon… got to sell the house first

Some of the things that changed�.

1) I am engaged � but no wedding plans yet

2) Hsiu Hsiu graduated � and it is now in Shanghai� I miss her so much

3) There are other small things … but I just don’t remember right now.

4) … oh …. I guess that means I am getting more forgetful.

Friday!!! Good Grief… I can’t believe it’s Friday already. It seems that days fly by much quicker in Washington. Maybe time accelerate faster in Ephrata then Houston?

Wow… I just realized… My blog is 2 years old. Wow… How things has changed in two years!!!

In 2002, I was in Houston, living in an apartment.

In 2003, I was in Houston, living in a townhome… looking for a new job.

In 2004, I am in Ephrata, living in a rented house … trying to get my PE applications completed.


Wow… pretty cool evening… Well, my folks are back in Auburn, Alabama tonight. My little sis is back in Houston and I am in the small town Ephrata. Well, tonight was pretty cool… my coworkers had a party … A Fish Fry … to be exact. Boy that was some good Halibut. Yeah… he was in Western Washington this past weekend and caught some halibut. So my boss decided, we can have an after hour Fish Fry. The beer battered halibut was sooo good.