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Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween, Everyone.
First of all, for those that don’t know… I am suppose to be TRON!!! Anyways, Halloween is one of my most favorite days, why? because of candy of course and as I got older, I love to give out candy to little kids. It always reminds me of how fun it use to be going around trick or treating. So as usual, I always buy a huge bag of good candy prepared for kids to knock on my door. Unfortunately, tonight was a quiet night, I only had 3 groups of visitors. But I have to say, those that visited got a lot of candy from me.

Anyways, this was a pretty busy weekend, both sets of parents were in town, it was very fun. Mom cooked a big meal for us!!! Thank you MOM!!!!
Vicky got me a small birthday cake, so we celebrated my birthday few days early. It’s wonderful to have the entire family around!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 2010 has been an interesting year. There are many things I am thankful. I am thankful for Vicky, I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for my friends, I am thankful for my work, I am thankful for the successful purchase of my house, I am thankful for the surgeons in Beijing, I am thankful for the skillful Delta pilots, and I am thankful for everything in this interesting year.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

34th Birthday

Being home for my 34th birthday is wonderful. Watching Auburn Beat Ole Miss, picking persimmons, and just enjoying time with family in the lovely weather of Auburn is just wonderful!!! Oh and how I love our family’s traditional birthday chicken and meatball noodle soup!!!

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Updating my blog and just chilling…

The last couple of days been pretty busy, with my family visiting… I moved from the master bed room to the guest bedroom, and from the guest bedroom to the office. But the exciting thing is my parents and my uncle from taiwan are all here in Seattle visiting me. It is good to be with family 🙂

So as for work… it has been pretty busy. Good news is that we got the NY project. Even after the lack of onsite interview… YEAH YEAH!!!! so NYC here I come.

More updates to come.


24 years ago today our family left Taiwan for the US. it is pretty amazing that it has been 24 years already. Happy 8 8 Day. (Chinese Fathers Day). Today I am just chilling at home and with my buddy Robert and cleaning my place. It is just a relaxing day. 🙂

Returning to Central Washington

This weekend is pretty special. For the first time in 2 years, I drove back over the cascades and back to Moses Lake and Ephrata area. Why? well, my friend’s oldest daughter is having her first communion. This is a special occasion for us Catholics. The drive over to Moses Lake was extremely special. I remember for 4 years when I lived in Ephrata, I was constantly doing that drive, so driving it yesterday brought back so many memories.

My friend is a super lucky guys, with 5 kids, I was welcomed by all of them when I arrived. I felt so loved. My friend’s house is a classic american family home…. super lovely and in this case super huge as well… I guess with 5 kids you sort of have too. His back yard was like a football field… huge back yard. The sun set last night was amazing. I forgot how beautiful it is in central Washington.
I do kind of miss all of this.
So just woke up to the smell of bacon and the sound of kids. Wow… what a life.
I will get ready for an exciting day in Moses lake… oh and hopefully will get some time to visit my friends in Ephrata too.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving.. oh… I guess it is not thanksgiving anymore… but that’s ok…

happy black Friday 😉

This Thanksgiving is the first time that we have having Thanksgiving outside of Auburn. It was pretty good. So this is the first year we are having our annual family thanksgiving dinner at my place. Yep .. I was hosting our family thanksgiving dinner. But as previous years, we have a turkey, baked napa, and some other dishes. My little sister contributed her cajun rice, my dad contributed some sashimi and I contributed some potato salad.

This year, I invited my friends in Seattle that need a place to go for Thanksgiving. I like to share the warmth of a Thanksgiving dinner with all my friends 🙂 I think it is wonderful. It was a happy time!!! I really like it. All and all the thanksgiving dinner was a wonderful success!!! It is good to spend time with friend and family.

so once again… I want to thank everyone for coming … and I hope everyone had a great time enjoyed all the good food. I am very thankful for my wonderful family and I am very thankful for all my friends.

Once again… I am wishing everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving and see you at the Christmas party 😉

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Oh my gosh… I can’t believe it is already end of November and yet there are still so many things to do. So right now I am sitting in the Seatac airport waiting for my parent’s flight. I am so thankful that my Mom and Dad are coming over to my place for thanksgiving this year. We are having a Chen’s family dinner here in Seattle. I guess this would be the closest I would get to a Thanksgiving dinner of my own in my own place for a while…. Sigh…

So many things are going on and I sometimes I feel so overwhelmed …

oh… doh … got to run… write more later…

What a weekend..

Well… It is almost hard for me to go back to Seattle, but I must return to reality…

So… let’s recap…
It all started off on Wednesday night a chance to watch the Seattle Mariners and watching them Win!!!

Then I got upgraded to First Class for my flight from Seattle to Houston.

Then when I got back to Alabama, I got a chance to see my buddy Rick!!!

Then when we finally got home, my mom cooked an super awesome meal for us including our family’s exclusive …

It’s soo good… then on the 4th we did some shopping and of course, we had a BBQ just like every other American family, but we did international style…

and yes … there are some BBQ involved too;)

On Saturday… Dr. Who Day and also the Atlanta Braves day!!!
Our family went up to ATL to get a hair cut and also watch the game!!!

See my new hair cut… Spikey… I don’t know if I like it or not…

oh and after the game … ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!!! Cool!!!

And after we returned back to Auburn, My little sister and I watch the conclusion of the BBC’s Dr Who… A very good Scifi show for those that don’t know… and it was a fairly good ending to the season!!!

and then we come to today…

We started with an early Mass and just chill at home playing 9-ball with dad and just over all enjoying my stay. Now I am in Houston IAH and waiting on my flight in the airport lounge and oh.. I’ve got upgraded to First Class again!!

Woo hoo…

So… yeah… it has been a good July 4th weekend… I hope everyone had an awesome weekend as well…

Oh… Tennis tomorrow.

Two Days After Xmas and Four Days before New Years

It has been a pretty exciting Xmas this year. This year my family came up to Seattle to visit me and to celebrate Xmas here in Seattle. My relatives from Vancouver also drove down and stayed with me. My little 1000 sq ft. apartment was packet with 7 people. WOW!!! Anyways, on Xmas day, We all went to Steven’s Pass to ski and snowboard. It was great!!! I love it!!! It was nothing but powder especially the back mountain.

Finally … it is over

Oh … after a hell of a semester it is finally over. I took my finals today and turned in the final report…. oh my head hurts… but it is over… I finally can do things again. right? oh… now … it is time to concentrate on work for a few days. On the other notes… my family is here in Seattle with me this week. It is so wonderful. I actually get good food and of course it’s great to spend time with my family.

Procrastination is a disease

I really believe I am at the terminal stage of procrastination sickness. I have almost no motivation doing any more school work and it is starting to affect my work work as well. It really bites. This week is going to be pretty crazy.. my family is coming this weekend. I have a final and a project due. I also have work work and oh… don’t forget about snow. Yep… snow is coming this week. I still have to xmas shop too… DOH!!!!

anyway… I been going to the nice little Japanese restaurant next to work. It’s called Matsu Sushi. It’s pretty nice. I had some Katsudon today. Sigh… it really makes me miss cooking my own katsudon. So…why am I not doing it anymore? Please see above.

I miss Hsiu.

Oh… and I love~~~ my iphone… oh… everything just syncs up so well… my music, podcasts,… humm.. I should do a short review on it sometime…

Holidays are over and I am home alone again

Well.. the holidays are over, I dropped my parents off at the airport this morning and now I am sitting in my duplex all alone. It has been about 3 weeks with family here now all of the sudden it is just quiet and alone… Sigh… School is about to begin so that’s good. So I guess the plan will be I will go snowboarding tomorrow.

So on a brighter note… I was talking to my friend Angel today. She was saying about her goal and dreams. And I responded… oh yeah… you know what I dreamed about last night.. “Banana’s”!

What a moron.. ha ha ha… but I did dream about bananas.. for some reason, I was dreaming about buying fresh bananas from the fruit stand.

oh… my dreams are just crazy…

So quiet at home… so quiet…

My New Year eve…

Well.. just looking back… gosh… I did not do anything for the New Years cross over this year… it was just another night. My family are in town.. so I slept on the couch this week.. so the same happened, I was already asleep around 11:40… so when my friends called saying happy new year… I was dead asleep. I heard some fireworks but I was just so tired and continue to sleep. Now I am fully recharged… 😀

Happy New Year!!!

A Halloween Story

Happy Halloween Everyone… So … I am on my way back to Ephrata right now, but I thought I should tell everyone an interesting dream I had last night. So the dream started I was in a grassy hill with family… there might be another part of the dream before this but this is the only part I remembered. It was a bright and sunny day… we were all around having a picnic. The weather was super nice, you can see for miles. Everyone was looking my way… but all the sudden I saw an interesting cloud formation. It was a mushroom cloud just starting to form. I started to scream at everyone and started to get everyone to run… we could see the mushroom cloud get bigger and the mushroom floating up. We can also see the shockwave coming toward us. I am sure it is slower then it actually is. Now for some reason all the sudden we are in some neighborhood and we are all trying to find cover. We eventually went inside a house, turn on a tv and trying to get some information on what have just happened.

I think I was making up logic for what I just saw… but I don’t remember the results. Anyway… I remember missing someone or something, this is where it gets interesting, I was really sad that whatever I was missing was not there… so then I remember just to wish it and it will be there… so *bling* and there it was… I think a part of me realized that this is my dream and to make things go smoothly … I can change my events in my dreams…

I hope this isn’t just blabbering …

I hope this is a good Halloween story … take care and I will be home soon.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!! and also Happy 21 years!!! Yep today marks the day my family been in the US for 21 years!!! and it is also my mother’s birthday!!! Pretty amazing huh?

Yes 21 years… it is a life time for most. For me a majority of my life is spend in the US. It is pretty amazing… 21 years… and so many things has change in 21 years…

Well… got to get back to work… Once again… Happy Birthday Mom and Happy 21 years!!! 😀

Happy Birthday to Audrey Ai Tran!!!!

Audrey Ai Tran was born 2:54pm 7/26/06 weighing in 7lbs 7oz.

Congrats to Julie and Trung Tran to their new addition to their family!!!

Oh it is such a sweet day… Happy July. First of all it is really nice to be back in the South. So today my sister and I went to Atlanta to watch the Braves to play against the Baltimore O’s. It was an afternoon game so it sure was hot, but it wasn’t really that bad. Beside, this is what I called summer. Anyway… The highest got around 95 F or so. But the game was exciting and we drank plenty of liquid so it was fine… Oh and don’t forget about the sunscreen. Yes we had some SPF 3o’s on as well. We had some wonderful seats behind the 3rd base, right in the foul ball section. Yep, there were some foul balls coming our way… it even hit a girl.. 🙁 We were lucky to not to get hit… but everyone was fighting over the foul ball .. it was pretty interesting … it was like the sea gulls in Finding Nimo… “my my my my my” … ha ha ha … To top all the good feeling and good weather off… the Braves won 10 -3 !!! yeah yeah… 3 homers in the game. it was a good game.

Afterwards, we met up with my parents and met some relatives in Atlanta. It was good to see family. We had some wonderful dinner and ended a wonderful day.

oh but wait… when we got home we played some Mahjong and ah… it was a good day..

…. one more thing… today is my 4 years anniversary of being an American. If you don’t believe me look back to July 2002 and read my blog!!!! 😉

Once again… what a great way to celebrate my anniversary!!!

Today, I found out that one of my good friend in Houston had a family tragedy. It is such a shocker. My heart and prayers goes out to Clayton and his family.

Once again, I am sitting in the Airport typing away at my blog. Oh before I forget, Happy Mothers day!!! Anyway… this time I am in the Birmingham Airport. Originally, I was going to fly from here to Houston and from Houston to Seattle, but that flight to Houston got cancelled so I am flying to Cincinnati, OH instead and fly from there to Seattle. I get delayed about 1 hour. So that’s ok. And tomorrow starts an interesting week. Tomorrow morning I head from Seattle to Las Vegas and I spend 3 days in Las Vegas for the International Wireless Communications Expo. Now that should be fun. One of these nights, I think I want to go see Penn and Teller. 😀

Anyway… these couple of days in Auburn has been fun. Of course it always been fun. I got a chance to see alot of my friends. I got to see my buddy Trung and Julie and their 3 kids and one to come. They have such a blessed family. I also got to see my buddy Sergeon and Shi with their baby girl Misha. It was Misha’s birthday on Saturday. Misha is one year old now… wow… I can’t believe how fast time passes. I also saw my friend Eric Au and his wife and his kid. One special surprise was I got a chance to see Lan Shang Bing… he is on his Honeymoon and decided to take his wife to Auburn for a visit. Amazing I can’t believe that he has been away for almost 6 years. This past weekend, I also got to check out the remodeled house. My father did a wonderful job remodelling the old house. It looked sooo good. If I were in Auburn, I would love to live there. It is only $145,000. Any offers??

Of course family… I got to spend a short amount of time with my family. My sister came home yesterday and we had a big party. Partys at my family’s house is always the best!!!
I do also miss my friends in the NW. sometimes I wish I can have all my friends here in Alabama for a big party 😀

But it is time to go home… and tomorrow I am flying to Vegas and get ready to take notes and lots of work on the road. But it should still be fine.

Oh… and one more thing… I got an A for my Cryto class!!! oh my gosh!! an A… but that is another story for another day ;D

I will be leaving BHM soon and I will be back in SEA around 10:25pm…. maybe sooner if the pilot speeds… ha ha ha.. zoom zoom