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Tour De Cure

So after 73 miles of bike riding and 2 flats later, I finally completed my first long ride. Thanks for everyone that supported the Diabetes Association and the cause. Also thanks for all those that donated!!!! Thank you for helping me make my goal!!!!

So how do I feel? a bit tired, but good. I am disappointed at the two flats that I got but it’s ok .. at least I finished without too much trouble. Oh and I reached my top speed today… 41 mph going down hill!!!! amazing!!! So onward for more training toward STP.

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First Training ride to Marine Park in Everett, WA

So today is my first training ride for STP. My buddy Brian and I decided to ride up to Everett and back for our first long ride. The round trip is around 60 miles or so. The trip started off really well, the day was beautiful and we rode 29.8 miles and reached Marine Park in Everett, WA. The destination was not what I expected, but it was a destination. We did see an aircraft carrier at the Navy base!!!

Aircraft Carrier in Everett!!!

After a brief, lunch at a brewery nearby to carb load, we started to ride home. Around 11 miles from completing our trek, I got a flat, I took the time to patch my flat and I thought all is well and started to ride again. After another mile, right when I was crossing a street, my tire gave away, I slipped and fell, luckily I was not hurt. Since I did not have any spare tube, I decided to end my ride for the day and call for recovery. Vicky was quick to arrive and pick me up. So after a long day, I completed 52.56 miles, but was not able to finish my entire 60 mile trip. The good news is my buddy Brian was able to finish the 60 miles!!! Good job Brian!!

The Tulip Ride

So this past weekend was my friend Howard’s Annual Tulip Ride. It was an ok day at first but it got really beautiful in the afternoon. The ride was a short and sweet. We rode from Bay View Park to the tulip fields and then to La Conner for lunch. Enjoy the pictures.


Yet another Bike to work day

So I biked to work again, it’s been a while since I last talked about biking to work. The 11.5 miles from my house to work isn’t as bad as it used to be when I first started. Of course the distance is close to 2 miles shorter but who’s counting right? Ever since my co-workers and friends moved downtown this year, I haven’t been riding as much. I do need to ride more. I need to lose some of this weight that I’ve gained. Anyways, 52 minute ride to work isn’t too bad.

Morning Ride to Work

Today is my second time riding to work this week. Few interesting things happened during my ride to work.

1) Gosh I was tired…. I guess the ride from Tuesday, the volleyball practice on Wednesday, the volleyball game last night really mess my body up.

2) I hit a new top speed today. 35 miles an hour … woo hoo…

3) My average speed today is 13.5 miles per hour.

4) My odometer hit 100 today, miles that is … woo hoo… take a look.

5) Finally, my bike ride

Another trip to work

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another day for a bike ride

7 – 8 – 9 … I ride my bike to work … 😉

So I made another trip to work. so I calculated how many trips I need before I break even with my bike… the magic number is 97. So I am on trip 1 1/2. after I return home today I only have 95 more trips to do… whoo hooo… Let’s keep count!!!

So today is Brian’s first day of riding with us. We took it really slow today, but we did good.

check it out.

2nd trip to work

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Woo Hoo I am at work!!

So after a little over an hour.. I am at work. Thanks for Colin leading the way. It was a long ride, but a fun one. I was pretty much drafting Colin most of the way, not on purpose but because I am slow 🙁 I think I do need to eat something before I ride in the morning.

Please take a look at my progress.

First bike ride to work

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well.. I’ve added some more stuff to the new site… it is slowly returning to where I was and more. It is actually alot simpler then before… why? because the design is alot simpler… just clean and light. I guess that is what I am looking for in my mind. Work has been a little be stressful lately… I feel like I am not the happy self I use to be. I snap at people alot more. I need to stop that… and just concentrate on work. the bike ride today was pretty good…. I need to do that everyone.. I need to lose weight.