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Goodbye of 2014 and Hello 2015

2014 has been a year of joy and sadness. So let’s look back.


Passing of my father-in-law

My father in law passing away was very hard on my wife and my family. Although, I only knew my father-in-law for 5 years, he has been wonderful to me. I am very blessed to have shared great conversations with him about his past and history. Those are all great memories that will be kept alive. RIP.


New Job
2014 is another big year of change. I finally after many years left my consulting job with Sparing and went to work for a Canadian Software Company called BlueCat and it is one of the best decisions that I’ve made. This was one of my biggest event that happened to me in 2014.

My New Nephew (Toby)
2014 I gained a new relative. My little sister is not a mother and I am now an uncle!

Spain and Portegal Trip

2012 was a huge travel year for me, but this year was also an amazing year. Vicky convince me to to

NYC 5 Boro Bike Tour

Iphone 6

2 books read/heard
The first book was one of the Best books this year. It is the Martian. I would recommend it to anyone who love a real science based Sci-fi.

The second book was “All you need is kill”. it is what the movie “Edge of Tomorrow” is based on, but the book is so much better and so much more

Events around the World

Seahawks Won the Superbowl

3 crash plans in south Asia

Increased Cyber security everywhere

Looking forward to 2015

In 2015, my goal will be try to rebalance life and become more healthier. I know this is a common goal, but I hope this is a goal that I can achieve.

New Years Resolutions

  • Workout at least 30 minute – 60 minutes each day
  • Start Japanese Language Class
  • Start volunteer work (e.g. CISSP,church … etc)
  • Read and Listen to couple more books
  • Do more tech side projects

First work day of 2012

Today is my first day returning to work. Oh my gosh I was so jet lagged in the morning. The weather in Seattle today is just wet and nasty, but it is still great to be back in Seattle. So work is still work even in 2012, but I did catch up on my Auburn football tonight. Well, instead of watching the boring Orange bowl. I decided to watch the replay on ESPN3 of the Chick-fil-a bowl (Peach bowl). It was actually a pretty good game, especially in the beginning. I am very glad that Auburn won. What a great way to end 2011. So what’s next? the LSU / Alabama rematch. I can’t wait.


So yesterday is the first time in a very long time that I went to a real concert. Few months ago, Brian, Colin, and I all got tickets to go see Chromeo. Colin introduced me to Chromeo and I been following them since. The concert was amazing. It was a good show. It was amazing to seem them live and it was a very very lively show. Oh and the preshow with Mayer Hawthorne and Sammy Bananas was awesome too. But after the show, I did realized that, “I am getting older, and the concert crowd is just not an every week thing for me any more.” I rather be home with my lovely wife. 🙂

Enjoy the pictures!!!


Pomplamoose isn’t that “grapefruit” in French?

Oh wait, that is pamplemousse …. but anyway… They are pretty cool and worth a listen.

Amazing huh… 3 posts in one day…. Wow… it’s been a while since that happened.

My sketches

So I don’t know what got in to me today. I wanted to sketch something and so I did. It felt really good. very relaxing to sketch and just draw stuff, but I am not really any good. oh well, but I will share it with everyone. Enjoy. Happy Wednesday.

Apple? or Pear?

A red police box? isn’t it suppose to be blue?

February 2011 Updates

Hello everyone,
It has been a while since my last blog post, but so many things has happened. For one, for those of you that caught my live broadcast, I got married!!! Yep!!! Vicky and I finally tied the knot!!! The wedding was wonderful and thanks for everyone that attended the wedding. I will post videos and pictures on my wedding website as I get them.

More updates, one week after our wedding we took a really quick honeymoon in Kauai, Hawaii. Oh the small island was beautiful and wonderful. So peaceful and relaxing. I will try to post some pictures later. So as this month ends and the next month begins, more and more stuff are happening. I will be speaking at the 2011 IWCE this year. I will also be attending my little sister’s wedding. Congrats!!! Min-Jye!!! Fun Fun Fun!!!

Back to the Future the game!!!

As most of you guys may already know from my previous posts, I am a big back to the future fan!!! Can you believe it… after so many years there is a new Back to the future game!!! It’s actually pretty funny, I was just watching Back to the Future 2 last night. It is interesting to see that the future the shown in BttF2 is only few years away. To me, the 80’s is the peak of the modern technology… everything after that is the Future. So I guess now we are just in transition to the Future. 🙂


Doraemon’s Hands

So I was reading this post on Engadget that they are making this robotic hand.

It really reminded me of the lovable robot cat, Doraemon’s hands.  Both round and able to pick up things without opposable thumb.

What do you think??

Oct. 26, 1985

So what is so significant about October 26?  Well, it is the date that Doc Brown discovered Flux Capacitor.  As any good nerdy engineer knows, the flux capacitor is what makes time travel possible.

So today is the 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future.  It is one of my favorite movies as a child.   It is hard to imagine that it has been 25 years already.  I remember watching back to the future 2 when they travel to the future and how wonderful it is and how one day we will be living in that future.  So well, we are here now, 2010.  25 years into the future that Doc Brown wanted to visit and how amazing it is!!!

I always imagine that if they do a re-imagine of back to the future today, will they be travelling back to 25 years ago to 1985???

“Woah… that’s heavy!!!”

My First email from Mom

Today, I got my first ever email from my Mom.  🙂  It’s pretty amazing.  My dad set mom up with a Macbook pro with chinese hand writing ability.  So now she is on the internet sending emails in Chinese :).

I just love technology!!!

Woo my new free case from Apple is on the way!!!

So I got an email this morning from Apple.  It states that my new free case for my iPhone 4 is on it’s way!!! Yeah!!!

Eureka Mentions Dr. Who!!!

During the latest episode of Eureka (S4E07 Stoned 19:50), Zane was hacking into the Government’s computer, after finding out it was only IRS snooping around, Zane said,  “Anything else you want to know while I am in there? Launch codes, Defence plans, TARDIS blue prints … “.

Zane was probably just joking but, How cool would that be,  if there is a cross over between EUReKA and Dr. Who??? Since there’s already a cross over between Warehouse 13 and EUReKA, why not Dr. Who?


Woo Hoo!! This is the first time in my life that I got a double yolk.  The experience was amazing. Cracking the egg and then TWO YOLKS!!!!!


Happy 4th!!!

Only in Las Vegas in July!!!! Only in USA!!!! Happy 4th of July!!!

Woo Hoo … New iPhone 4!!!

So about an hour ago… after an hour wait in line in front of the Apple Store in Lynnwood, I finally got my new iPhone.  This is my 3rd version of iPhone and I am pretty excited.  I am still very very surprised that I was in line to get a phone.  I am pretty surprised, but it was all a mistake on my part for not get it shipped to my house.  However, I did meet a very interesting person while waiting ini the line.  This gentleman is an iPhone developer.  He actually developed few really simple apps that make him enough money to quit his full time job and to go back to college.  That is truly inspiring!!!  His app is called “magic card”.  What is also very interesting is that he is the personal friend of Al Gore.  That is a shock.

Anyways… off to playing with my new iPhone  🙂

My quest for an iPhone 4

So today I went to the apple store to pick up the iPhone.  What a line for a reservation??? WTF!?!?!?  The reservation line was longer than the regular line.  It extended all the way to PF Changs!!!!

I guess I will be getting my iPhone 4 in the afternoon… or I may not be getting my iPhone 4 at all!!!

3 years in Seattle!!!!

I was reminded that today is my 3 year anniversary with Sparling, my current company.   It is hard to believe that 3 years ago I moved from the little town called Ephrata to Seattle.  It was 3 years ago that I started my life in Seattle.  So many things have changed since that time and more changes are coming … stay tuned!!!

What will happen to Space Camp after the Space Shuttle Program?

About 15 Years ago, I participated in Space Academy, it was a more advanced Space Camp. It was an amazing experience. I loved it. I remember, it was the day that I decided after space camp that I should pursuit a more realistic dream and become an engineer instead of a pilot for the space shuttle.
But take a look at this person that continued her dream, I think she was in Space Camp around the same time I was.

It does make you think what will happen to space camp after the shuttle program.

I corrected Google maps!!!

Few weeks back, Google released the updated google maps that supported bicycle routes. Of course I immediately map my route from home to work and I found that they did not connect a segment of the Inter-urban trail. So I wrote to them and today I got a response back!!! Woo hoo!!

Hi Min Hsao,

Your Google Maps problem report has been reviewed, and you were right! We’ll update the map soon and email you when you can see the change.

Report history
Problem ID: 5D86-46E6-CFDF-4DA5

Your report: After step 35 there is an interurban trail from 52nd Ave W linking to 44th Ave W. this is a much better route than what is suggested on the bike directions from google.

Thanks for your help,
The Google Maps team

Wow, it’s Friday already?

This week just flew right by.  I can’t believe it is Friday already.  I still have so much stuff to do.  This week is pretty interesting.  I looked at many houses.  Some are very tempting because of the prices, some are very tempting because of the location, but I just have to found that house that I must have yet.  I wonder is it because I am valuing price too much? We will see … I will need to make a decision soon.  So… next week will be a super exciting week.  I will be in Las Vegas for first part of the week for CTIA.  For those of you that don’t know what CTIA is, it is the biggest Cellular Conference in the world.  Hopefully I will get a chance to learn some new things and maybe check out some new technology. The second part of next week, I may be going to NYC for the first time for a kick off meeting on Friday.  This should be pretty interesting.  So I will keep everyone updated.

Well, Happy Friday… oh and enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

Tennis? anyone?