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Sunday Hike up to Rachel Lake

Today was a fun day, I really wished that Vicky was here. Last week, we hiked Lake Serene, this week it is Rachel Lake. A little about Rachel Lake, the trail head is just east of the Snoqualmie pass. The trail is 8 miles round trip and about 6 hours hiking time including breaks and […]

A car free Saturday in Seattle

After an eventful Friday, Saturday was just as eventful. My Saturday events did not start until 3pm, where I decided to bike down to Fremont to meet my SEC Alumni friends for an annual SEC football season kick off party. It was great meeting all my Alumni friends, some from Auburn, some from Florida. All […]

A Beautiful Friday

Today is a beginning of a car free weekend, after an extremely busy week at work, my weekend finally begin with a happy hour with my buddies Colin and Brian. The weekend began with heading to Blue Acre in downtown for Colin’s special happy hour. My good friend Colin left Sparling for another position. Oh […]

Lake Serene Hike

It was a beautiful day, so Vicky and I decided to take a try at Lake Serene. The first thing we learned is that we needed a parking pass. So we drove to this little town called INDEX to get our pass. I remember many years ago, I went on a white water trip that […]

26 years ago today…

Today is a special day… I remember 26 years ago, the day after 8/8 Father’s day we left Taiwan and was on my first flight across the Pacific to America. I remember flying a 747 over to LAX and then because we our flight during the layover, the airline put us in a hotel in […]