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2011 Braves vs. Mariners

Oh ever since I’ve moved to Washington, I been wanting to see a Braves Vs. Mariners match up in Safeco field, and that wish has finally came true. As soon as I heard that the Braves and Mariners are playing this week, I started to look for tickets. Lucky, my friends pulled through and we […]

What a “Iron Man” weekend

Sunday was a beautiful day in Seattle, It was rare that we have such a beautiful day in Seattle. The sky was blue and the air was cool. Vicky and I decided to go a hike. We are usually not the hiking type, but with such beautiful weather, we really wanted to get out and […]

just yet another training day

Since STP is only 2 weeks away, it’s time to train more!!! So today, my friends, Bob and Brian, joined me for a 72 mile bike ride around the greater Seattle area. It’s basically a big loop around Lake Washington. In the end, it felt pretty good. I was a bit tired, but still felt […]

DIY: Poor man’s iPad stylus

I bought an iPad 2 not too long ago. I really do like almost everything about it, but every so often I wish I could use a pen to draw on my iPad. After looking online and finding that typical products Such as

Griffin Technology Stylus

Box Wave’s stylus with a build in […]

My Dinner Last Night

My light Japanese Style dinner

And that is why I like Apple

So earlier today, in the middle of a conference call, all the sudden my iPhone 4’s sleep/power button stop working. The button is pressed down and would not respond. I thought to myself… oh no … not again (few years back, I my iPhone version one, I had a bad power button). So after my […]

Summer is BBQ ribs time!!!

It’s been raining for most of Friday and finally, there is a little sun break in the late afternoon. Vicky invited some of her coworkers to the house for some BBQ. Since I had some Dreamland’s BBQ sauce, I decided to make some good old southern BBQ. My first attempt of making BBQ ribs was […]

New tires for my bike

After a painful couple of months with flat tires, I finally decided to get some better tires. I decided on some Continental Gator Skin 700x28c puncture resistant tires. These tires were on sale at REI, they are also a bit slicker and thinner than my current tires. 32 vs. 28, so in the long run […]