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DIY: Simple Snowboard Wall Mount

So, I was just cleaning out my garage yesterday and I decided to put everything in their place. I been thinking about doing something with my snowboards. However, the snowboard mounts are pretty expensive. After reading a bit on the internet, I decided to do it myself. So it is really simple and it works great. So for materials, 2 sheet rock screws and some electrical tape. I just wrap the electrical tape around the head of the screw and then screw the screw in to the wall with the electrical tape exposed. Then simply slide the snowboard in between the two screws and there you have it. A very low profile snowboard wall mount.
Take a look below.

1) My original idea and design.

2) Sheet rock screw with the electrical tape on one side.

3) Place the screw around 11 inches or the with off your board.

4) Slide the board in between the two screws and it should hold.


2 comments to DIY: Simple Snowboard Wall Mount

  • That’s really cool, this is actually the second time I’ve seen someone build this kind of board holder.

    I’m so pump I can’t wait to hang mine too like this.

  • Yeah… it’s an easy and quick way of hanging it. I will be replacing mine with cork soon, I just need to finish off 4 bottles of wine first and then I am set. Good luck your board holder.

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