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Walking around LV in the hot summer evening…

Las Vegas is hot!!! Here are some picture of my brief walk around.

Cisco Live 2010

Pictures from the plane

Pictures from the air!!! Mt. St. Hellen And Columbia River!!!

Woo Hoo … New iPhone 4!!!

So about an hour ago… after an hour wait in line in front of the Apple Store in Lynnwood, I finally got my new iPhone. This is my 3rd version of iPhone and I am pretty excited. I am still very very surprised that I was in line to get a phone. I am pretty […]

My quest for an iPhone 4

So today I went to the apple store to pick up the iPhone. What a line for a reservation??? WTF!?!?!? The reservation line was longer than the regular line. It extended all the way to PF Changs!!!!

I guess I will be getting my iPhone 4 in the afternoon… or I may not be getting […]

Another Monthly Update

It’s been almost a month since my last blog posting. Things have been moving pretty fast. Finally moved in to my new house. It’s great, however, almost everything is still in the garage. I’ve been really busy with my New York project. I was just back there this past week. It seems that I’ve been […]