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Last days of August 2009

So this past weekend was pretty interesting so let’s talk about what happened….

On Friday… oh a great Snow Leopard adventure… so after rescuing my copy of Snow Leopard from FedEx. Yeah… they did not deliver my copy because they thought I had the wrong address … anyways.. The upgrade and installation went very very well. So now I am upgraded to OSX 10.6 … yeah!!!

On Saturday, I had a wonderful dim sum lunch with my friend Howard and pals. It was good to finally catch up with some old pals. Later that day, I participated in the Pig-O-Rama 2009. It was almost as good as the 2007 Pig-o-Rama 🙂

On Sunday was interesting. It was our A/E summer volleyball tournament. It was a full day of volleyball, unfortunately, I can’t play. I am still recovering from the burn. I was on the sideline cheering for my team. Oh how I wished that I could have joined in. So… we did not win the tournament… surprisingly 😉 … but we were not last place either… yeah!!! We actually won 2 games!!! out of 8 games 😉

It was a pretty interesting weekend… oh and I also found a Electric outdoor grill… so no need to buy a grill anymore 😀 So.. Steaks anyone?

Finally… the weekend ended with an awful dream about fire…

So… it has been over a week since my shirt fire… but since then I’ve been really spooked around fire and just over all a little nervous around fire. So Sunday night, I had a nightmare about fire on my shirt.

So it started like this … I was talking with two people with who were playing with two lighters. Some how, the fire got on my shirt. and I was on fire. I tried to put the fire out with my hand, and it was getting bigger. I then decided to take out my shirt, then I realized that I had 6 layers of clothing on and I can’t take out my shirt fast enough. Then I remembered that last time that I put out the fire I roll on the ground. So, that is what I did … I rolled on the ground and it went out. But as soon as I stood up the fire came back. I don’t remember how the dream end.. but it was just a little spooky…

But hey… the good news is … I use my stove for the first time tonight… I cooked some noodles… and I am still burn free 🙂

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