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Yummy Papaya

On my last day on Maui… I am having some delicious Maui papaya!!!… ummmm soo good ….

Hawaiian Lunch… and more

So another day around Maui… mostly today I worked in the hotel trying to catch up and but we did do one survey site and now we are done. Tomorrow is a free day.. and I will be finishing up some school work and work on some work work as well… But .. he look […]

Passion Fruit!!!

Ever since I was little, I loved passion fruit. I remember finding wild passion fruit in Auburn and how exciting it was. I remember, last year in Maui, finding passion fruit on the beach and how ecstatic I was. The taste of a passion fruit is just well… passionate 😉

So why is it called […]

Trip back to Hana and more…

So today my work day in Maui continues… really it is really for work… I am really not on vacation here 🙂 I am here to work!!! 😉 But with that said … I finally did have some time sort of to myself. So let me tell you .. or whomever is reading this all […]

One day trip to the Big Island

Here are the short one day trip to the Big Island of Hawaii.Please note our flight over was awesome… we got some awesome views of Haleakala.

A work day on Maui

So yesterday was Saturday, but yet I have to work… 🙂 Working in Maui is not a bad thing at all. Working in Maui yesterday meant a trip to Hana. So I’ve heard stories about the road to Hana saying how beautiful it is and how curvy it is and how everyone is going to […]


Returning to Maui makes me feel like coming back to the city…. good god there are so many people. In Moloka’i there are just not that many people .. and you get that small town feel. I like small town feels.

So as promised .. here are the pictures from Moloka’i


Two Days in Moloka’i

So… since yesterday early morning I’ve been all over Moloka’i. MoloKa’i is an island in Maui County it is North of the Maui Island. The island is not very populated, but it has alot of natural beauty. Moloka’i reminded me of Ephrata and central Washington. If you can imagine lifting up a small town and […]

Hawaii this week

So I am in Hawaii for work this week. I am on day 4 so far and it has just been amazing. So…. just to share with everyone … the following is the pictures from few days ago from Haleakala.

Going back to Maui

It has been a little over 1 year since I traveled to Maui. I am going three for work but it is bringing back alot of memories and emotions :(. Sigh… So in 6 more hours I will be in Maui.