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Maybe the last major Blog entry in two weeks

So I found out yesterday that I will not have my internet connection until Sept 2, 2008. So this means if I move out tomorrow… I will be with out internet for over 1 week! Ahhhhhh…. What am I going to do??? ha ha ha … oh well… let’s flash back to 1993~~~~~~

So the […]

Super Crazy Weekend Coming Up

So… yeah… since Labor Day usually marks the end of the weekend, I guess this weekend makes it the last weekend before the end of the summer weekend. So anyways… School start next Monday and yes I move this weekend and boy, I have bunch of other events all going on at the same time […]

Burst out in tears…

I don’t know why, but I received a package today… I did not want to open it but I did … and when I did I just burst out in tears. I have no ideas why? or if I was crying or laughing… I don’t know why… all I know is that I don’t feel […]

NEW Place to Live!!!

Woo Hoo… ok… I got a new place to live now!!! It is confirmed!!!

So… where is it … where is it???

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So … Check it out!!!

I love watermelons!!!

So… Lately I’ve been doing nothing but searching for a new place to live. Why? I want to move closer to the city. I want to move away from Lynnwood and my expensive crappy apartment. I want to move to a place with a garage. So… in the middle of my search … my buddy […]

It has been a while…

So… it is sea fair Saturday… I have not wrote on my blog in a very long time. So what’s been going on lately? Well… I am in the middle of finding a new place to live in Seattle. Yes I am still looking for a place to buy but I can’t find a place […]