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So many things in my mind

Have you ever had so many things going on in your mind that you want to do them all but ended up get none of them done? Is the what ADD is like? Gosh… everything is so loud and so many noises can’t get anything done.

woo hoo class is over

Woo hoo… class is over… however, I just found out that I will be having homework this coming weekend… yikes!!! that sucks.

So busy… :(

Why is everything so busy and I am starting to get stressed… it is not that I can’t get all my work done, but the problem is it is very time consuming to have work with overtime and then come home tired and watch an hour of class lecture. This class lecture is pretty tough […]

First day of class

Boy… Today is the first day of school. It is strange being back in school and not in Ephrata. Work has been busy… and it will only get more busier. So weekend was pretty good. I had a chance to go see the Mariners again. Yeah yeah… it is like my 5th game this year. […]

ha ha ha

I am actually working in the office on Saturday?

What did you do with the real Min?

Getting Old

After a full day of walking… I did not hit 10,000. I was a bit shy. I only got to 9600+ 🙁

But I was going to try again today… but my body is just sore. I guess … I will rest a bit and try again tomorrow.

Moving toward 10,000 steps

After 2 days of monitoring my steps and after two days of being around 2000+ steps, I decided that I need to change that and step it up. So today, I walked to work. Yep. After getting in to work I’ve achieved 5000+ steps already!!! Woo hoo… I will be hitting 10,000 steps soon!!!

Trek to 10,000 steps

Well… I am tired of writing stupid code and doing coverage plots so I will take a break. I recently got a pedometer from a company event. So I decided to put it on and see how many steps I take a day. So to get a reference point, I went online and check out […] is Back!!!

So after many weeks… is finally moved over to the new box. there will be lots of changes coming but it is now up and running and blog works too… all except for the commenting system. I don’t know what broke Blogkomm but it doesn’t work anymore :(. I will see if I can […]


After many years of resisting and thinking what’s the big deal with Skype, I finally gave in. Yep… I got myself a Skype account and actually found it pretty cool. Especially the Video conferencing.