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Moving back to the city

It is really exciting the thought of moving back into the city… however there is one thing that I will be missing… I don’t know if will be able to stay up or not. for the last 3.5 years, the ZIPP system and the local ISP has allowed me to run my own web/ftp […]

… finally found a place

After a whole weekend of running around in Seattle looking for a place to live .. I finally decided on one. It was pretty hard choice… I went from Magnolia to Wallingford, to Ballard, to Green Lake to Green wood to Shoreline to Mount Lake Terrace to Edmonds to Lynnwood. My price started to 800 […]

Back in Auburn

I am back in Auburn, just got my new Macbook and trying to learn how to use it. It seems to be pretty cool. Entirely different style of thinking. But it is good. Tomorrow I will be going back to Seattle and then back to Ephrata. along the way I will be stopping in […]

NICE… 22inch Wide Screen!!!

Well… when I get sad… I buy stuff… I am almost like a woman…. but this time… well… I finally can not resist!!!

Everyone of my friends bought a 22 inch monitor… so now I did too!!!

I have sooo much desktop work space now. it is sooo nice!!! I also am running duel monitor… […]

At a Crossroad

I have just made a major decision that will affect the next couple of years in my life. It was a hard choice to make between three really good companies.1) Grant County PUD, Ephrata2) M/A-Com – Tyco Electronics, Denver3) Sparling Consulting, Seattle

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to move to Seattle and work with Sparling […]

Feeling better…

After a night of toss and turning…. I did finally get some sleep. I do feel better. It is a fresh new day. It’s all good… and besides… tomorrow is pay day!!! Yeah!!!

And M-flo makes me happy….

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almost 2 Years Later…

almost 2 years later…It has been two years… I thought I moved on… I am getting better… but hearing that/those news still hurts me… It shouldn’t but it does. I am a much more mature guy now… I am … but I am still very emotional sometimes… I need to be less emotional. I talked […]


My allergies been pretty bad lately… I took some Claritin-D yesterday and BAM… the allergies were a bit better… but I was feeling I like I was floating around. It really messed me up. I don’t know why? I think it is the side effects, but all I know is that allergies don’t help when […]

My Sushi Dinner

So, what do you guys think? Preatty good huh? Yep… I made it all by myself. I’ve been interested in making sushi for a while… so finally i decided to do it myself. So does any one want to come to Min’s for dinner?

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