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Short Week?

This week seems extremely short…. I mean … look it is already Thursday!!!! Well… a status update… I am still alive and I have one more exam left. Once I finish the last exam I should be good for the rest of 2006. Xmas is coming up fast and I really have not got all my xmas shopping done yet. I also have not had my xmas party yet… yikes!!! I still have to get all the picutures done for the kids before Xmas. Ok… Goal setting time. Get the exam over with and then get the pictures done. Throw a xmas party and everyone will be happy from that point on…. right?

On a different note…. I been thinking about traveling lately. I think it is because of the lastest Bond movie. I made me think about going to Europe and just see the world. Because of this I got thinking about Hsiu again…. I do still miss Hsiu Hsiu.

On a even more different note…. it seems to be a pretty snowy week on Mission. Great!!! over 10 inches so far… oh … got to get my exam done and then I can snowboard without care.

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