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What I did for lunch

So today, I am in Spokane for a Vendor presentation. During lunch we went out for lunch and I left them a master piece. 😀 The place is pretty nice… it is called Tomato Street. It is an Italian resturant.

Dreaming …

I been doing alot of dreaming and thinking… it reminded me that … it has been a while since I last been on a train. I think last time I was with Hsiu Hsiu in Taiwan going to some place on a train. It is hard to imagine… but that was a long time ago. […]

In Training…

Training today has been pretty interesting…. One of the strangest thing is that this is the first training class that I took with out actual physical equipments. I mean… we do all of ours configuration labs in a lab!!!

Arrived Here in Kirkland

I am here in Kirkland, WA safe and sound. In my hotel room finishing up my work and getting ready for a day of training!!! I do need to sign up for my CCNP exam for next week in Alabama. Sigh… quit stalling and get to work 😀

Need to do hw and depressed…

If doing homework isn’t bad enough already… Auburn losing just makes it worst. Just finished a nap… so time to hit the go button and get this stuff done.

Plans… finish this stuff today and tomorrow go to seattle for a week and next weekend… Auburn Vs. Alabama!!! I hope Auburn can shake off today’s […]

War Eagle … Part 2

Sigh… I guess Auburn just don’t do well on the morning games!!there is most of 4th left… but the score is over 3 scores away… unless there is a War Eagle moment … let I said… we still have 12:28… so We can do this !!!

Come on Auburn!!!

War Eagle!!!!

So… it is an early game for Auburn Tigers today. I am watching on… Yeah for Yahoo!!!… it is exciting and my heart is pounding!!!!

Come on Auburn!!! Let’s go Tigers!!!We can do it!!!

Currently 0-7 UGA 🙁…But HEY Turn OVER!!! WOOO HOO GO AUBURN D!!!

Now… let’s score



I have been battling back up strategy for a while now… so finally I got another SATA drive for my desktop. Today I put the drive in and reloaded windows… copy all the files over to the new drive and now put the two identical drives in a RAID 1 array.

RAID (originally redundant array […]

GO and VOTE!!!

So did you vote yet??? Well, I did 😉

it is important to vote, but it is also important to vote correctly. By correctly, I mean a person should vote with a good understanding of each candidate’s perspective also a good understanding of things that are being planned to put in to law.

What I […]


OH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!Well….. After 2 and half semester of listening to my professors or the downloaded lectures… I finally got tired of all the stalling and decided to find a solution to speed up the lectures. I found this program.


I can use the KMPLAYER and play my lecture in 2 […]

Video Blog?

Gosh… I am sitting here stalling while I should be studying for my classes. But anyway… I was reading one of my buddy’s blog just a few minutes ago … I realized that he just started on video blogging on youtube …

what what what? Video Blogging? interesting…But the same reason why I like […]

Snow in Ephrata

It’s snowing!!!!

Oh my gosh… it is snowing!!! YEAH!!!!!! SNOW BABY SNOW!!!

Short month of November

November will be a super short month for me… with both school work and work work picking up… we are pushing the time envelope. Still got lots of work to do.. then next week will be short week because of veterans day and then after that will be my training week and then my thanksgiving […]


Wow… so… my 30th birthday did not turn out so bad afterward… I bought a Vacuum Food Saver for my bday 😛 but what was surprising was one of my friend actually showed up with a cake!!! I was shocked and surprised.

Thank you !!!!

Half time!

Well… my day is half over… and boy it has been interesting…. lots of work for my project… we will get it all done before next week.

We still need to line everything up and make sure it works.

so… any plans for me? no… not really… I carried my camera around all day… I […]


Today is a very special day for me… so many things have happened before on this day… First, I want to say thank you !!!! Mom and Dad for everything!!! I miss you guys alot!!!

So far, it has been an interesting day… I woke up around 6 am today… I guess I have […]