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Oh my gosh!!! I broke my record last night. My record for the number of pictures taken in an event. I took around 884 pictures in the demo derby. Now granted that lot of those picture will be tossed… still it is pretty amazing. I was getting to the point that I was running out of storage and had to copy my stuff on to my ipod until my ipod died…. it ran out of juice. For some reason when copying stuff to your ipod it drains the battery pretty fast. I need to get a 2.0 card reader for my ipod. After last night what I also realized is that my camera isn’t fast enough… I would probably have well over 1000+ pictures, if I had the storage and a better camera.

Well… I just got it all downloaded to my computer last night… this weekend I will be spending sometime sorting them and doing some minor post editing. I am thinking of selling some of these pictures. do you think that people will buy them? Do you know any good software to do that?

We will see…

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