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Friday Friday Friday!!!Well… as everyone probably know… I am looking at getting a new car… well… I am really looking to get a new car for no good reason other then, it is a new car and it might be more reliable. But anyway… the cars I’ve been looking at are

BMW 325xi or 330xi […]

Wow… it is Tuesday already… well.. lets do some recap/flashbacks….

Friday, I finished my first exam in my online course. The exam was harder then I expected, but I think I did ok. I really gave me a rush that I use to get after finishing an exam in college.

Saturday, Auburn Won!!! Woo hoo!!! […]

Friday… I got my first exam today. I will tell you how it goes.

The summer is over already? Well… today is the last day of summer… {sigh}…. and still… I’ve got to go to work… Are there anything for me too look forward to anymore? Yep, maybe this weekend.. it should be good.


just a nice night to be sitting out and enjoying the weather…so where’s the hot tub?

The final score is 28-0 Auburn. War Eagle!!!Yeah!!!

It is the end of first quarter… and the score is still 7-0 Auburn. Mississippi State had a field goal attempt but the ball hit the lower bar…. boy that was close…

Wooo HOO… Touch Down Auburn!!! Auburn is currently 7 and Mississippi State is 0. Well, I am watching Jerfferson Pilot Sports on Yahoo… it’s awesome… I love internet and I love communications….

It makes me feel like I am right there 🙂

Today… will be a busy day… I am going to Seattle to watch […]

I am on my way home right now. I am in the Houston airport using free wifi… SWEET! Well.. tomorrow is another big day of work. I should be fully charged by tomorrow. Go… Min!!

After a full week in Auburn… it is hard to believe I have to go back to work soon. Well, this week has been great! Today has been really exciting. Started the morning off really early with some fishing with my Dad. Then I had a wonderful home cooked lunch with my entire family. After […]

My hearts and prayer goes to everyone in New Orleans and surrounding Gulf Coast area. New Orleans is one of these places that you always visit when new visitors come to the South. It is very sad that this has happened.

The above link is a blog from a guy that is in New […]