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It is Friday afternoon and I am the only one in the office. It is 3:49 and everyone is gone already. I still have stuff to do so … I am taking a small break and I will go back to work. So … last night I decided to work on getting some contents for my Ipod. Since charges close to 10 dollars for recordings of NPR shows, I decided to look for alternatives. I mean NPR is free radio. so I found this site. The guy give you step by step instructions on how to rip an NPR stream and create a schedule task so you will get the show you want even when you are not there. I followed his instruction and it worked great. I actually modified his idea and instead of creating a different batch file per show. I only create one bat file for each streaming radio station. I use a argv to pass value in to the batch file. BTW argv in DOS/Windows batch file is %1 and %2 for the first and second argument. Anyway… I now can call the same batch file for that radio station and the argument %1 is the filename and 2 is the show time in seconds. It works great!!! so … I guess this is one way to get around the 10 dollar per show fee. Now I only have to find a place to download some other interesting audio contents.

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