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Well, after another full day of travel, I am finally back in Ephrata…. oh the small tiny town of Ephrata. It is kind of weird having two Valentines day in one year. One with Hsiu Hsiu and one without…. I like the one with Hsiu Hsiu alot better. Anyway… after such a long trip, ok […]

Well, It is hard to believe one week has passed already. I am in Hsiu Hsiu’s office getting ready to head to the airport. I have a 10 hour flight to get back to the US from Shanghai. It is a shorter flight than when coming to China, but it is still a long flight. […]

Well, this is day 2 of my trip here. I miss the Superbowl yesterday… and I still don’t even know who won yet. But that is ok, I had a chance to spend some good and quality time with my Hsiu Hsiu. Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve, though it is a little bit strange […]

Ok… Off to the Airport I go.

Well… today is the day!!! I will be traveling to China today. I guess I am a little excited… I can’t sleep. So…. I look online to check out the weather in Shanghai… And this really sucks. I will be there for an entire week and it seems that the weather will be cloudy and […]

It has been couple more weeks since my last blog entry. I just been so busy lately. This past week was just insane. I been working none stop everyday. And today around two I finally wrapped up most of my stuff and I said to myself. “AH… I think it is time for me to […]