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Happy New Years Everyone!!!

Welcome to 2005!!

After a long day of travel, I am back home in Auburn. I spend most of today sleeping and helping around the house. It is strange to be back in Auburn and Hsiu Hsiu is not here. But it is still good to be home. My sis and I went out to buy some new […]

What? Christmas is in less than 2 days??? Oh my, oh my!!! Well, I will be heading back to Auburn for a week this time. Woo hoo. The only bad thing is that Hsiu Hsiu will not be there :-(. I miss her so much.

Well, I am going down south for a week and […]

The weekend is over… and only 6 more days until Christmas. Just the thought of a Xmas without her is making me sad. The good thing is I will be going home to Auburn for Christmas this year. But the bad thing is, Hsiu Hsiu is still on the other side of the world. {sigh}…..


OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I went outside to check my mail after lunch and after watching Gundam Seed Destiny and I recieved this letter from ELSES. It is the testing center for my Professional Engineering exam. It was a very very thin letter. So I thought to myself… oh no… I don’t like the sign of […]

The leading cause of penguin death..

Happy Holidays!!!

Well, I just thought… I been really bad posting anything on my site. I have not update it in forever… and even my mom is asking about the pictures…. like what pictures.. like all of them since March 2004. Well, here is a new one. This is my new duplex… from the outside. $800 a […]

Well… it is the middle of December… for some reason I am really depressed today. Why? I don’t really know. I just want to be with the girl I love and I can’t … she is on the other side of the world. Work is ok… but I don’t want that to be the only […]

It is snowing outside. It is snowing heavely outside!!!! Burr!!!!

Well, it has been a while since I posted on my blog. Let’s see so many things has happened in the short month of November. Let’s recap. I turned 28 on the First! I went to Shanghai and visited China for the first time on the 9th – 14th. Auburn Beat Alabama on the 20th. […]