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Well, what a interesting day it was. I was in Spokane all day yesterday for my PE exam. The day started around 5:00 am. I showed up at the exam site around 7:00 am, I would not believe it. I though I had alot of books, but I saw a girl with a push kart […]

First Day of Frost today… BERRRRR….

Well, here are the pictures that I promised… please take a look and let me know what you think.

I just got back from Terry’s going away party. Yes… our friend and mommy figure in the Zipp program is moving to a different position in the District. She is moving to Moses Lake office, so tonight is her going away party. I took my camera with me and I took tons of photos. The […]

Well… another beautiful Saturday. Just cleaning up the house and listening to Auburn’s Home Coming game. My little sister is in Auburn Today watching the game. I bet that is exciting. I wish I was there with my lovely Hsiu Hsiu. As for Hsiu Hsiu, she is in Shanghai right now. The exciting news is […]

Check it out…. it is truely a simpleviewer. It is a simple flash based photo album.

WOO HOO Auburn Won!!! 34-10!!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

It is half time and the score is ? 31-3 Auburn. I can’t believe this. Auburn is doing so well… and as aways … it make me feel proud to be an Auburn Tiger!!!


War Eagle!!! Woo hoo!!! It is another Sat. in the fall… of course it is Auburn Football time. Well, today Auburn is playing against Tennesee and Auburn just scored the first touchdown!!! WOO HOO .. WAR EAGLE!!!

After two weeks of being in Shanghai, I finally hear my lovely Hsiu Hsiu’s voice again. Oh her wonderful sweet sweet voice. I do miss her so much. Well, anyway… once again, VoIP bridge the big ocean between us. The quality was not super duper but it is better than super expensive long distance calls.


So what a way to spend my 1 year at the PUD. So today I did not get home until 9:40 pm. And no… I was not having a party. I was working. Very fustrating work. The worst part, I did not solve the problem. GRRRRR….

Happy 1 Year anniversary!!!! Today is my one year anniversary working here at the PUD. I can’t believe that it is one year already. I have learned so many things and so many things have changed in the PUD since I got here. For example, currently I am on my sixth supervisor and the fiber […]