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Yeah… it is pretty funny… as I more and more busy … I tend to write on my blog less and less. I was reading on my friend’s blog, he said his blog has went from a daily diary to a monthly diary… well, mine isn’t so bad yet… it is probably just a weekly […]

Well, I am back from NAB and already I am swamped with full week of missing work. So I am in the office today trying to catch up. Let’s see NAB was really incredible, I was able to see the future of broadcasting and everything is moving toward an IP infrastructure. Even the big guys […]

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Guess what I got today in the mail ….. yep … my new MP3 Player… yep … I bought a Creative Nomad Zen Xtra 30 Gig. Woo Hoo… 30 gigs it is like over 2 x my HD space on my laptop!!! And it supports Chinese displays too!!! Well… this will be great for my […]

another week has passed… so what did I do this weekend?? Well, I test drove a Toyota Matrix this weekend. It was actually not too bad. It handles pretty well and the car has lots of space. the only thing it is lacking is some power. But it is still not a bad car for […]

What a crazy weekend… I am glad I finally got home. Why am I saying that? Well, because my car broke down again in Seattle. Yep… what is strange was that my car actually started to over heat at the exact same spot on the highway where it over heated last time. I actually pulled […]