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Man.. what a busy day… been running around to 4 GW to do some moves, adds, and changes. Boy, that pho I had for lunch is really a sinker… I mean there must be something in that soup… my tongue is really messed up. But anyway… my laptop seems to be running a little bit […]

Thanks to the desktop buddies here in GW, my laptop was rescued… Woo hoo!!

So … you think you are the hot stuff? You are a man’s man… picking up girls is simple task? Well, if so… give this game a try. Just make sure you log your time for work as “game playing”.

Well… it is official… I do have to track every second of my work day… so they can see if I am needed or not. Oh and here is the stupid part about all of this, you need to keep track of all your time you spend at work but do not spend all your […]

Ok… I got reports that we might have to start tracking every minute of our work… whoa!!! so does that mean I have to log my bathroom time too??

I am still here at work testing out the express messaging system on the voicemail system. It sound so cool … Express mail system.. but in reality it is just leaving a message on someone voice mail without giving them a chance to answer. It is like a short cut to the voicemail system…. Woo […]

Dial Backup…. I done that before…

Well, it was the cable. The funny thing is they must know when I come home, because as soon as I walk in the door… everything is ok. Yep, they better not mess with my internet when I am at home.

Web server is down again… what’s wrong? it could be my cable connection and it could be my router, or it could be my webserver.

what’s going on?

I had a pretty good lunch. My buddy Raymund came down from downtown Houston to visit me. We had a good time eating and talking. I think next time it is my turn to go over to downtown to eat.

I am so sore from working out yesterday… I guess this means I am really out of shape. Anyway… had an interesting dream last night. I was with my girlfriend, we were on a train. She had a dog with her on a leash, but it is not her usual dog. It looked like her […]

So… I went to work out today at the Houston City Club with my co-worker D. Tran. Boy, Talk about a fancy and ritzy place. It has a bunch of in door tennis courts, couple of racquetball courts, trace, weight room, and 2 restaurants. Wow !

All day yesterday, I thought it was Thursday… but today is Thursday… is tomorrow Friday???

I was just checking my email… and this is what I recieved in my inbox

From : Ismael P**** Subject: 2004 Allstar tickets Content: When will your 2004 allstar game tickets go on sale?

What does that mean??? Did he get me confused with the Ticket Master?


Flash is pretty cool… take a look at this one… I like it … do you?

It is good to be published � so what am I talking about? Well, I think a while back I mentioned about one of my pictures was being used in someone else�s site�. Well� I was just wondering and decided to see what I can find out about that site. So what I found is […]

Well.. I got my REDHAT in the office to upgrade to PHP 4.2.2. I guess I almost had it yesterday.. and I must had a brain cramp. Anway… for all of you that need to upgrade Redhat 7.1 – 7.3 ‘s php to a newer version… go to Arvin’s site. It works pretty well.

If you love The Matrix, you would love this. This is what The Matrix would be like if it became a musicial.

Ok… I enjoy open source as much as the next geek, and I really like using this tool called Linux, but why is it so damn hard to upgrade something inside Linux? I am only trying to upgrade PHP inside Red Hat Linux 7.3 and it is like pulling teeth. Heck, it might be easier […]

So why is my blog slow in loading today? humm… don’t know… anyway… it was a pretty relaxed weekend. I think I need a new mouse. My wrist is starting to hurt from the current one that I’ve had. Oh… I also finished my Mac address traceroute script. I will post it in the project […]