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Well, I did something really dangerous today… I transfered my domain registration to and also renewed for another year. Can you believe it, I own this domain for two years already. Gosh.. has it been that long? All I know is that the current website will be one years old soon…. maybe I […]

Wow… Have you looked in the picture gallery lately? Wow… I am going to have to think of a new layout… getting too many pictures!!!

One more day until Friday… this should be an interesting weekend. Well, my girlfriend is coming to town… and if the weather is ok we might head down to Galveston.

Houston Time Warner is great! Well… this morning I got my cable downgraded to basic, which saves me 20 bucks a month… and the tech actually showed up on time. and guess what… I did not see much difference after the downgrade… {wink wink} It sort of reminds me of that Jim Carry movie Cable […]

Well… I posted some new pictures… and BTW jalbum rocks. It reduced my time on spending on the pictures by ten folds!!! Great stuff man!!

It sucks here at work… they now block the easynews site. Sigh…. what ever happened to the “Open Internet”???

So… I am sitting here in a safety meeting ….they are telling us how to use a match …safely!!!

Awwwoooh…. I am sooo full….. I am stuffed… I just got back from a IT department’s Chilli cook off … the chilli was excellent and it was very spicy!!

Starcraft rules!!! Well, we played a couple games of Starcraft last night and talked about our jobs and well…

Boy… this week is almost over… Well.. it is once again … almost that time for me to get off work. I will be visiting my friend Scott tonight, so we will see what happens … it should be pretty fun.

Congratulation to Eric and Hsuan!!!! Today Hsuan gave birth to their healthy

This page proves that some people have too much time. I mean furnitures…. I guess you will never look your furnitures in the same way. However, there is one redeming quality about guy’s site. It did help me get Kismet up and running. So what is this? It is a wireless packet sniffer. COOL….


It’s Sunday… Valentines day was great!!! I had a wonderful time with Hsiu Hsiu… But hey … it is not over yet… I won’t be going home until tomorrow. I got a holiday tomorrow… it’s Presidents day!!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!! Oh and 520 Hsiu Hsiu!!!

It’s Girl Scout Cookies time!!! I love GSCs they are the best pre-packaged cookies out there!!! Buy some GSCs and support your local girl scouts!

The […]

Hey … having security issues with your wireless access points. Well try this out. It is a fake wireless ap program. It floods your airwaves with fake SSIDs and MACs. COOL!!!

So … If you can live any where in the world, where would you live? Ok maybe the world is too broad… how ’bout anywhere in the US… and why??

I guess I really have not written much on my blog the last couple of days, well… I been busy… and blog become low on the list of stuff to do really easy and really quick. So what’s going on in my life for the last couple of days? Well… the talk around … well… […]

So… what does Bush want to do to Iraq and Sadam?? ….