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New Year … woo hoo… I am going home tomorrow….

2 more days until the Chinese New Years Eve…. Woo Hooo… I am going home!!!

It has been a long day…. time for me to head home!!!

Just got back from lunch with my buds from Birmingham. Yep… my friend Andy came in to town, so Ben, Brian, Scott, and I all decided to meet with him for lunch. We went to this BBQ place in the Houston Tunnel’s called “Frontier BBQ”. It is not bad… It is good to talk and […]

I got good news and bad news this morning…. so which one first? Ok… the good news is I am getting a small bonus this year. Woo hoo… extra cash!!! So what’s the bad news? Well, the bad news is that the company is cancelling the 401k matching program for 1 year. DOH! I am […]

Well… yesterday was really a blur…so .. I did not leave work until 9:40am yesterday. Yep… about 16 hours at work. Pretty fun huh? Well, after I got home I took a shower and head to bed. I got up about 5 hours later and got ready for Superbowl. Well, Superbowl was a big disappointment. […]

Good Morning… or something like it… Well… today is the first time I spend the night in the company. so … I guess it is around 6:07 am now… and I am still at work. I did not have dinner because I came in to the office around 5:00 pm. I miss my “Hot Pot” […]

I love sleeping in on a cold Saturday. I really get some good well deserved rest. Anyway… I have added some more photos from Thanksgiving… look in photo section. Once again… let me know if there are bugs… well.. got to run… time for lunch!!!

It was lunch time and I got hunger… so

So I signed up for the department’s superbowl pool… ok, half of one… my friend, Greg and I are in it together. Anyway, we got this weird number 2 and 8. Thats Raiders 2 and Buccaneers 8. how it works is that at the end of every quarter if the teams end in 2 and […]

Oh and one more thing… I got my naturalization pictures up. Take a look…

Yeah… So … I think I got too many pictures… ever since I got my S30 … I been taking pictures none stop… I don’t think any of my pictures are worthy of anything … in fact I think most of the other people�s pictures are better than mine, even if their camera are crappier […]

OK … time for the post lunch racquetball report… I know it is a little late… but hey … I been busy at work… 😛 Anyway… I won the first game but Miguel crush me on the 2nd and 3rd game… and that is that as they say. Oh … and they told me that […]

There comes a time when a person should really get off his ass and get back in to the school of things. Well, I got an email from an old friend from my childhood. Well, he is also an engineer now, he just informed me that he just finished the first term in law school. […]

Well, it was a pretty cool weekend… and I guess it is still the weekend since I don’t have work today!!! I love Holidays! Anyway, we had a wonderful hotpot dinner last night and I think everyone had a wonderful time. Take a look here.

Woo hoo… Go Houston Rockets!!! 108-104 against the LA Lakers!!!!! YEAH….

Well… few more minutes until the weekend. Hsiu Hsiu in on the plane over here…. so I guess… I need to hurry home and get ready. Rush… Rush… Rush!

Just came back from lunch with Pat and Greg. It was a good lunch… I tried a new type of Vietnamese beef noodle soup, it is not as good as the Chinese noodle soup.

It is sooo cold outside…. BURRRRR…. but the good thing is …. it’s Friday!!! Yep.. and the best part is … it is a Friday before a long weekend!!! woo hoo!!! Well… so what are we going to do tonight? … hey the Lakers…. are playing the Rockets …. GO Rockets …

well… it has been a busy night… let see … first right after work I went to the dentist to get my teeth checked and clean… well… they told me to floss more and also the have give me a deep cleaning path. Which means I will have to go back 3 more times to […]