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INS sucks!!! Why do they suck? Well, humm.. where do I start? Let�s start with my citizenship. Well, since I got my US citizenship, I figure why not go ahead and get my passport. Couple days ago, I got a letter from the passport office denying my application, because my naturalization certificate was not valid. So I ask myself� �What? How could that be?� After reading the letter from the passport office and reviewing my certificate, they were correct. INS forgot to put a INS seal and a date on my certificate. So what does this mean? I don�t know what it means? Does it mean I am not a citizen?

Today, I try to contact INS to see where I need to go to clear this up? Either Houston, Atlanta, or Montgomery, either way it will probably cost more money and time. I try to find and number to call and the only number I can find is there national hotline. �Hey, that�s no biggie, I will just give them a call and they will tell me where to go.� When I called, I get this huge list of menu which nothing really helps. Here is the kicker, when I finally found the right option to push, it told me to hold on and my call is very important, and my call Will be answered in the order which it was received. But shortly after that message, it gave me another message saying that all of the agents are busy please call back at a different time and then �Thank you for calling INS� Click!� Those punks hung up on me! Just like that, they hung up on me. I guess I will have to call back � I mean what else can I do? Well, I love how efficient and friendly our government is.

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