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Back in Houston

I am back in Houston again… the trip there was pretty cool, I got alot of work done. Now, I have to prepare a report for the bosses. Fun Fun!!! But as promised … here is a view of Mexico.

Ever had one of those days, where the world is just a blur??

So… my flight back home is at 5:00 pm MST. So I got some time to burn right now. Did I ever tell you guys how I hate Southwest Airline? I dislike southwest airline because … 1st, they have really crappy planes. 2nd, they have the cattle herding method of boarding. 3rd, they have open […]

“I am on a Mexican Radio” –Wall of Vodoo

Man… El Paso is just simply bright!! Very bright, I need some new sunglasses, it is so bright. One unique thing about El Paso is that, while it seems hot, it doesn�t feel as hot as Houston or Alabama. Why? Humidity, that�s why!!!

Well, I am in El Paso, Texas. It is an interesting town. It really doesn’t have many trees here at all. Everything here has a lot of Mexican influence, even the Holiday Inn next door. From my hotel, I can see Mexico, pretty cool huh?


Well, Friday we went to see Austin Powers. It was pretty funny… read more about it on the movie reviews in discussion.

So… I am back from San Antonio. It was lots of fun, and I have spend lots of money, but it was well worth it. We had a great view from our hotel. About the only complain I have are the heat and all the walking. Keep an eye for the pictures on the photo […]

“It Friday baby.. and I like it!” So it’s Friday, I think I will take a half of day and spend some more quality time with my girlfriend. Oh I think I will go and get my passport done as well. That should be interesting.

Man… I am tired… I got my but whooped by […]

Wow … I actually missed another day of postinig… Well… who can blame me… I been busy cleaning up my dump to get ready for the arrival of my girlfriend 🙂

Great News!!!! Port 80 is open!!! What does that mean? This means you can now reach with without typing in :8888. I don’t know what happened, but it seems that Road Runner has open the flood gate. So Mintrix is now open for business!!!

Today, Hsiu Hsiu returns to the US ….

So I went to get some new 37 cent stamps to mail out some stuff… and look what I got from the stamp machine …

So… I went to work out of lunch today… yep… going to get ripped!!! 🙂 Oh and I finally, after 6 months in Houston, signed up for the Travis Gym. It’s pretty cool, very very close to work. I figure, if I don’t eat out for one week out of the month, it will pays […]

It has been a long day! nothing much has been going on… But I have one good news!!! Hsiu Hsiu is coming back!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Bad Case of the Mondays

“Sounds like you have a bad case of the Mondays …” — Office Space

I finally beat Warcraft 3!! Woo Hoo!!!… now I can start to concentrate on other things in life….. until WC3 Expansion Pack.


MTV got some of the most messed up tv shows. I am currently watching this show called “I bet you will”. Where they will pay people to do crazy stunts. Example, they paid one guy 100 dollars to lick another guys arm pits, after giving the guy 50 dollars to run around for 5 mins. […]